Friday, December 8, 2023


Hi crafty crew! We've officially begun the exciting countdown to Christmas day! We're all on the hunt for last minutes gifts and treats for our friends and family but I know there's always room for one more right! How about a homemade gift; one that can be shared with the whole family, is super cute AND involves the adorable Gingerbread Kisses collection. How about a mini handcrafted game board with darling charming pieces :-)

This gameboard was so fun to create, I've even named it Gingerbread Dash! I was inspired by the advent calendar page in the 6x6 GBK paper pad with the numbers and icons so I cut each row of pieces out and back with white cardstock and trimmed back to leave a slight edge; this helps the numbered strips to pop out visually.

Next; I lined up the edges to form a square and then mounted this onto the Baking Spirits Bright patterned paper and then onto white cardstock from the GBK Solid cardstock pack leaving another slight white edge to pop the patterned paper. Came out super yummy!

Now the extra sweet part of adding what ever you'd like - this part I loved! I've gone through the collection and added Sprinkles, mini icon stickers, pom poms, and in the middle I've used the Candy Cottage Doodle Pop - as soon as I placed it in it's place I knew it was meant to be! So cute and darling!

For the extra dazzle I've made a counter piece where the Gingerbread pieces sit before the game starts. The gingerbread player pieces are made using the Doodle cuts Gingerbread Lane die set. I loved giving them personality but adding a bow to each! To stand them I've used some extra thick acetate bent in half. This gives the clear illusion and looks like they're standing.

Love this birds eye view! As you go around the board as you shake the dice in turns and if you land on a Doodlebug Design logo you get to pick a card! Each card has something special written on the back. I've got candy cane, quote and extra turn on my card set. You can write anything you'd like.

Thank you so much for popping by today, I hope I've inspired you and don't forget to tag us in our Doodlebug Designs projects on your Socials; we ADORE seeing what you've created. Until next time crafty crew - doodle doo!

Gingerbread Kisses collection


mini pink dice
mini pink Christmas tree

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