Saturday, September 16, 2023


With Halloween right around the corner, what better way to get ready for the spooky season than with some super cute witch's hats using the gorgeous, new Sweet and Spooky collection!

I have a tutorial for you today to follow along and create your very own witch's hats! You will need an electronic cutting machine to cut out the SVG file pieces (link below) or if you are feeling game you could try free-hand cutting them! 

I resized the pieces from the SVG file so that my hats would be larger. Step 1 is to cut out all 4 pieces, 2 will need to be from the same paper, the hollow circle is plain cardstock and the skinny half circle/band, choose a contrasting color. See the first image below.

Step 2. Grab the hollow circle and the circle with slits in the center. Glue the hollow circle on top of the circle with slits - but make sure you glue it on the side you DON'T want shown on the hat. See image above where I have turned the circle with slits over to glue the black piece on.

Step 3. Next, flip over your newly glued circle and add glue to each slit. You will want to make sure you glue this well. Once that is done, push the slits up towards you. See left image above. These will secure the base of the hat to the top of the hat. Take the half circle and glue it into a cone. See right image above. Then place on top of the slits. You may want to shape the cone a little bit over the slits to make sure it is the right size before gluing.

Step 4. Press the slits against the cone to glue securely together and to create the hat shape. Lastly, add your cute band and embellish. And that's it! These hats are super easy to make!

I made 3 of these super cute witch's hats, 1 for myself and 2 for my nieces to wear for Halloween! You could add a hair comb or some pins to attach to your hair or you could use these as decorations by adding string to hang them or just sit them on your front porch!

For each hat, I chose a theme when thinking about how I wanted them to look, I did 1 in a pumpkin theme, 1 in a candy theme and 1 in a spider theme. I chose all the embellishments from the Sweet and Spooky collection, including Odds and Ends, Chit Chat, Puffy Stickers, Shape Sprinkles and Doodle Pops. Everything co-ordinates perfectly and this makes it so easy to create fun projects! I added some Doodle Twine around the bases of the hats and used the same color twine at the top to hang a Little Charmer from too. I also used some mini jewels to add some sparkle to each hat as well.

I just love how these witch's hats turned out! I hope I have inspired you to create something cute and fun with the Sweet & Spooky collection! Don't forget, you don't always have to make projects on a page - you can create pretty projects off the page too! Happy creating!


Sweet & Spooky collection
Mini Jewels - Cupcake, Tangerine & Lilac
Doodle Twine - Cupcake, Tangerine & Lilac


Black Cardstock
Silhouette Cameo
Witch's Hat SVG file (click to download)

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