Thursday, May 25, 2023


For me, scrapping dog photos is a bit hard... First, I don't have a dog, so I don't really have dog photos and second, often dog collections have more masculine colors and those who know me, know that I love pink and girly But I think I managed to make a very cool dog themed mini album with the lovely Doggone Cute collection.

To start this album, I cut apart the 12 little cards on the Good Boy paper. I used the 8 cards that were vertical.  To each card, I attached a little white 3x1 inch tab, that I scored and folded through the middle.

I then created the base for the album, using very thick cardboard wrapped with papers from the collection. I took a piece of cardstock that was slightly smaller than the cardboard piece and cut 8 parallel slits into it, leaving 1cm (around 1/2 inch) between each slit. I slid the tab of each card into one of the slots and adhered it on the back. Then, I adhered the whole piece (cardstock rectangle plus all the cards) to my cardboard base. That way, I was able to have all of the cards, one on top of the other, cascading.

I went through all the cards and used lots of embellishments on them. I used Chit Chat pieces, Odds & Ends, sprinkles and shaped sprinkles, Doodle Pops, puffy stickers, cardstock stickers...  everything!

For the cover, I used acetate. I cut a long rectangle and scored it at 1inch and at 2 inches, then I folded it. I attached it to the back using double sided tape.

I wanted to embellish the cover and I chose to do it with embroidery thread. I used five of the colors from the collection and I wrapped each color around the cover 4 times. I used the colors in rainbow order, so it looks very cool. Then I also added puffy sticker paws and enamel stars in each color. At the top of the cover, I added a Shaker Pop and at the bottom, I added two circles that I attached using a brad, for the closure of the album. I added a piece of thread behind the album and sandwiched the end of the thread between two puffy stickers.

Last but not least, I added an eyelet to the spine of the album and added the amazing I Love My Dog just cute clip 

I think the album is very cute and and amazing gift! I hope you had fun discovering the process of this album and I will see you soon.


Doggone Cute Collection



Embroidery Thread

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