Tuesday, April 19, 2022


 Who is ready to host Easter celebrations in their homes? Well, we are! And it will be the first major celebration in two years (i.e.post COVID); this means I will be a tad busy with cleaning, cooking, and entertaining.  So, what better way to speed my memory documenting than to prep my layout for the day.

Most of my daily documenting is held in notebooks, and layouts.  So, today I want to give you a glimpse at my Gratitude journal entry for the day ( and all I have to do is add photos and  my story!!!)

I started with strips of Petite Print in as an anchor for the layout.  Then added small strips of Cute & Crafty paper helps to bring all the colors of the embellishments in to the page.  I added a cluster of embellishments to the top left corner of the page, plus added a few photo maps and extra embellishments to the page.  

To balance the page, I am using more Hippity Hoppity Odds and Ends, and Doodle pops to create a large embellishment cluster at the bottom right of the page... I just love those cute little bunnies!

To finish the page, I am using My Type Alpha Stickers ( and when "E" is out, then backwards "3" do the trick) and more embellishments from Hippity Hoppity to complete my title.

Now all that is left is to enjoy the day, print the photos and voila! done!   I hope this gives you an idea or two for your Easter memory documenting!  I hope you had a blessed Easter!


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Lots of Love 6x6 paper pad
Cute & Crafty Patterned Paper
Fairy Garden 6x6 paper pad
Hippity Hoppity Odds and Ends, Doodle Pop
Petite Prints
My TYPE Alpha Stickers - Beetle Black

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