Sunday, March 7, 2021


 Hello and Happy Sunday to everyone.

Today we finish the individual introductions to our 2021-2021 Design Team.

I am so excited to be continuing this crafty journey with Doodlebug!  While I love creating treat containers and scrapbooks, I am a card maker at heart.  In my early 20s, my parents bought me a small stamp and ink set from a little island they visited and I was hooked!  Now give me some Doodlebug stamps, paper and mini paper clips (they are my favourite embellishment) and I am a happy little crafter.  I can't wait to create more projects that will hopefully inspire you to get crafty too!

You can find Karen here:

Melinda continues with us as our Design Team and Social Media Co-ordinator.

Hello everyone and thank you for the warm welcome you have given to our 2021-2022 Design Team. We are so thrilled to have such a talented group of amazing ladies on our team and I'm incredibly honoured to continue being part of the Doodlebug family.
As most of you will know I hail from Down Under in Australia and live on a busy farm with 'The Farmer' and our three hayseeds. My life has always involved craft in some form as it has been a passion from a very young age and my love of scrapbooking has opened a world of amazing opportunities and some incredible friendships along the way.

2021 is going to be an exciting year with adorable new collections and products that will be showcased by this incredibly talented group of designers. 

You can find Melinda here:

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