Monday, December 14, 2020


Growing up, my grandmother used to give each of her grandchildren a new ornament each Christmas.  Many of those still decorate my tree.  I started the tradition with my own daughter and my niece and nephews, each year I would make them a new ornament.  Now I'm onto the next generation with my great niece.  Every year I try to come up with a new ornament idea.  Last year I took an on-line ornament class from Lori Whitlock.  The ornaments had little scenes under a plastic dome.  I thought it would be fun to make some featuring the icons from the Night Before Christmas Collection.  They turned out so cute!  Take a peek...

I created little scenes using the stickers from the icon sticker sheet, some sprinkles and papers from the 6x6 pad.    I filled a couple with some glitter snow to make mini "snow globes"  and added some doodle twine and tags from the chit chat pieces.  I love how they came out! Here are some close-ups...

These cute little globes are really easy to make and they make such an impact!  I put together a little tutorial below.  
I started by gathering my supplies.  I purchased the plastic domes and glitter snow on Amazon.  For this ornament, I cut a 3" circle from the Snow Magical paper (6x6 pad) and a slightly larger scalloped circle (approx 3 3/8") from the red side of the jolly st. nick paper, and then cut another circle from white cardstock which I trimmed across to be my "roof."  Also included for this ornament are the Santa in chimney and reindeer stickers from the icons sticker sheet.

Glue the snowflake circle centered on the scalloped circle.  Make sure this is centered.
Add some foam tape to the back of the half circle piece and add to bottom of the snowflake circle, making sure it lines up.

Start building your scene... I added some glue and foam tape to Santa, the foam tape is on the top half to help it keep aligned with the already popped up roof piece.  A hint to working with stickers... it's easier to work with them if you make them "unsticky" first.  I use some cornstarch on the backs, but you can also use baby powder.
Add some foam tape to the back of the reindeer and place him next to Santa.  

Make sure none of the stickers are outside of the inner circle.  

Add about 1 tablespoon of glitter snow to the inside of one of the domes.
Add a thin strip of glue around the edge of the inner circle.  I used Zip Dry Glue.  I like it because it holds well and dries clear.  If you get any on the inner circle wipe it away so the snow won't stick.

Add the circles to the dome (while upside down).  Make sure you align the top of your design with the hanger on the dome.

I made a couple of other scenes as well... one with a kitty and tree and another with Santa in the snow. Here is what they looked like before I added the dome and snow.

I've already given one away and it made the recipient very happy!!   You could also use the Night Before Christmas Doodle Stamps to make these fun ornaments.   If you make any please be sure to tag Doodlebug on Facebook and Instagram.  We always love to see your creations!

Night Before Christmas Collection
Doodle Twine
Buffalo Check-Woodgrain 6x6 pad
Doodlebug Sprinkles

Silhouette Cameo
Foam Tape
Zip Dry Glue


  1. Adorable ornaments!
    Have a great day!

  2. So cute!!! I hope I have time to make some for this year!

  3. These are darling! Will you please share which domes you bought? I just looked on Amazon and I’m not sure which ones are best for this project. Thanks!!!

    1. There is a link to them in the post. They are the 80mm ones😊


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