Tuesday, December 3, 2019


I am really enjoying creating items to use with the Micro Planner that I made using the Christmas Magic collection. Designing this planner, along with it's accessories has been a lot of fun! (My blog posts on November 5 and 19 show how I created the planner and the inserts.) Today I added some more accessories. And I used washi tape to create them all. Here is a photo of my creations. How many ways did I use the washi?
If you guessed 5, you're correct! I used it five different ways and I'm going to share with you what I did. The trick to making all of these embellishments is to use a length of washi that has been folded over itself. This creates a ribbon-y type of washi that can be used for different purposes. I have to admit, that it took a bit of practice to fold it so that it was even. I finally figured out that if I hold it on the table, I keeps it lined up and even.
The first thing that I made was a swag for the front of my planner. I absolutely love how it turned out. This was super easy to create. I took a fairly long length of doubled over washi and tied two bows. The red stripe washi bow was longer and made a larger bow. I made a smaller bow with the branch washi. I tied the two bows together using some twine. To finish it off, I added the enamel pin. This holds the bows in place AND looks so cute.

I clipped the bow to the front of my TN using one of the clothespins and VOILA it looks adorable!

The next thing I created for my planner was a washi card. I used packaging from the clothespins. I cut the tag shape from the plastic and then wrapped some washi around it. I am keeping it in the front pocket of my planner. I punched a hole at the top and added some twine, too.

Next up are some cute planner clips that I made. I started by wrapping the washi onto itself .

Next, I made a loop. I trimmed some of it off and left the loose end on the back. I squished it a bit in the middle and stapled it.

It doesn't matter if the staple is perfectly centered. It will be covered with more washi. Once I wrapped a small piece of the striped washi around the loop, I punched a hole and added these cute brads. I used a pencil to 'puff out' the edges and made it look like a bow.

Then, I hot glued them to some paper clips. Aren't they cute?

Next up is a fun pen holder that I made. I've made a few of these for my planners that don't have pen loops and they are SO convenient.

I used a length of the folded washi ribbon and wrapped it around the pen. The trick to this is to hold it tightly to the tag and staple it so that the pen is snugly inside of the loop. Once stapled, you can trim off the extra washi.

As you can see, I wrapped the red stripe washi onto a green pen and hot glued a pom pom to the top. I LOVE how it looks. Now I can slide the pen out of the holder. I keep the tag in my daily page and use it as a bookmark, as well.

As you can see, I was able to use the washi to make several fun additions to my planner. I hope you try one of these techniques. Would love to see what you create!

Doodlebug Products Used:
Christmas Magic Collection
Ladybug Twine
Christmas Clothespins

Other Supplies:
Green Pen
Red Pom Pom
Hot Glue Gun
Plastic Packaging


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