Saturday, January 12, 2019

FRENCH KISS Daily Doodles Planner Spread | with Jomelle

Oh my "puggness" How stinkin' cute! I couldn't help but use this adorable love pug doodle pop in my front cover on my Daily Doodles Travel planner. He deserves to be the center of attention.
The French Kiss Collection have me saying "Ooh la la"
It's so much fun making this shaker cover insert. To create this, I first cut the "love you dots" 12x12 into the size of my insert, in this case Standard size. Then I cut the heart shape in the front. I then added a laminated sheet behind the heart. Next, I added different color sequins and glitters. Lastly, I covered it with another paper that I cut to the size a little bit bigger than the heart. To finish it off, I added the pink twine to border the heart. 
Give me some pugs and kisses
Look closely at all the tiny hearts sprinkles I added to the center of each circles. Aren't they so cute?
Odds & Ends pieces always fill up my planner pockets. 
 I always like to have a lot of layers in my TN. It gives my TN more of that "stuffed" look. I love me some chunky TN. 
 I used the bows for the tabs. I love how they are peeking out when you look at the side view.
Thanks for joining me here on the blog today. Have a pug-tastic day!


  1. It’s all amazing!!! That heart shaped cut out is fabulous!!

  2. This is my favorite so far!!!!


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