Friday, January 18, 2019

CHRISTMAS TOWN - December Daily in January | with Caroli

I've always wanted to make a December Daily on real time, but never had the time to do it. I started  a few times in the past but usually at day five or six I realized that I was not able to work on it anymore, due to lack of time or inspiration.

This year, I was determined to change this situation and the motivation came in the shape of the fabulous red Daily Doodles Travelers Notebook, which I used in combination with the Christmas Village collection. 

Since my goal was not to finish the project and not give up during the first week, I went for a really simple approach, one day per page. With very few exceptions,  I used just one photo, few embellies here and there, and of course journaling. 

Between days 15 and 19 I started a new job and also here were a lot of family activities that kept me ways from my DD, but that didn't stopped me and I continued on 20th with the same enthusiasm.

I'm really satisfied with how this diary came out, it documents lots of happy and fun times for me and my family, I'm glad I did not give up this time!
I think the key is don't stress out and just document simple things in an easy and fast way, and travelers notebooks are a great ways of making things easier.

Did you made a December Daily? Did you use Doodlebug Design products on it?
Thanks for visiting us today, have a lovely day 


Products Used:
5990: ladybug daily doodles travel planner
6012: hello beautiful assortment daily doodles travel planner inserts
4782: christmas assortment sprinkles
5321: holly berries shape sprinkles
6152: festive flurry shape sprinkles
6159: dear friends doodle-pops
6161: christmas town doodle-pops
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  1. Carol, how cute this is!! Full of great ideas for those of us who are new to planners!! Thank you for the inspiration!!

  2. Can I have a Ladybug Doodle Daily Travel album to use!???? Cus Caroli's mini album is so adorable!!!

  3. Wow the new Doodlebug Travel Planners are gorgeous!! They look very well made and they look fancy. Congratulations Caroli for tackling your goal and making a December Daily!! I have yet to make one, however seeing yours is definitely making me want to start. This year will be the year! These would be so much fun to look through year after year. Thank you very much for inspiring me to jump on the Dec Daily bus. I am hoarding my Christmas Town Collection;)


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