Thursday, November 23, 2017

Partying it Up: New Years Party by Karen

Hi everyone! It's Karen, and today I am up with a fun selection of projects just in time for New Years! Now wait...I know there are some other major holidays before this one, but you can never be ready too soon, right? And anyway, getting ready for New Year's is the perfect way to procrastinate other things you are trying to avoid (not that I would know or be doing this at all right now...cough, cough). Okay, but back to celebrating the New Year...
  As I was going through my vast Doodlebug collection...I, I stumbled across Hats Off - a great graduation themed collection that was released earlier this year. The black and white theme seemed like a perfect fit, and once I started flipping through all the patterns I realized just how perfect it could be! In fact, even now, as I type this post, I can think of another 3-4 projects I could pull together with this some photo props for a photo booth, some lip balm holders for a little party favour or even a star shaped banner. But perhaps I should talk about the projects I have created so far... ...starting with my favourite - some little place setting treat boxes that double as a party game for the evening. Inspired by our Chinese food New Year's tradition, each one of these little boxes has the initials of a party attendee on one side using the cute Abigail alpha stickers (which works great on the table as a place card), and then has a little clock, each with a different time leading up to midnight. Inside is a little game that can be played at that time of the night...everything from sentimental sharing of great memories of the year to silly New Year's resolutions. Create as many as you would like, and spread them out as much as you like! And if you are like me and have a hard time staying up until midnight, simply adjust your times and activities accordingly (perhaps with one at 10:00 that says "Everyone, go home!) But I digress... Another one of my favourites is this miniature party hat. I love the idea of placing each on a head band...and if you are really creative, perhaps your could even use the same idea to create different facinators! Some rolled paper and a little hot glue and you are all set! this little hat took less than a 6X6" piece of paper to make! And when you are ready to put your feet up and enjoy at bit of bubbly (either at midnight or before) consider whipping up a few of these easy wine glass charms. I simply drew an oval shape and cut a small hole off set to one end. I embellished them with some star shaped cute clips and then added initials to some start die cuts from the Odds and Ends pack. Regardless of the time when you do your countdown, nothing is more fun than a confetti popper! Made with some embellished treat pop containers (check the baking section of your craft store), these are way too much fun!
 I decorated each by wrapping some paper around and securing with some glue and washi tape. I then added some sentiments from the 12x12 paper sheet, added a bit of Doodle twine and some Sprinkles and then filled with confetti (for a simple and inexpensive way to do this, purchase a long strand of garland and trim off all the little ends. You will fill 12 with less than half of a string of garland). When "midnight" strikes, push up from the bottom and you will have a fun surprise!
So there you have it! A little bit of elegant black and white fun ready for 2018. Now I better get back to all the things I didn't do while using "the quickly approaching New Year" as an excuse! Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs, Karen

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  1. These are all so cute! Love how you were able to transform a graduation collection to work for New Years. :)


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