Friday, January 27, 2017

Cream & Sugar Collection: Candy Inspiration Projects by Karen Hanson

Hi everyone! It's Karen from ScrappyCanuck Studios and I cannot tell you how excited I am to share my first official project for Doodlebug! Not only is it a dream come true to be able to design for Doodlebug, but as you have seen over the last few posts, this new collection, called Cream & Sugar is just way too much fun work with!


Now, I have a confession to make - since my girls were born, I have become huge coffee addict, so when I first opened up this collection, I was a bit obsessed with all the coffee-themed elements. But as I started to work with it, I realized how many non-coffee themes were possible as well. In fact, as I was lying in bed one night thinking about it (probably because I had had too much coffee to drink earlier - oops), the idea of an X and 0 board popped into my head. And this collection is filled with so many great elements that helped me bring that idea to life...

layout-titles XO themed paper and even an adorable die cut in the "Odds and Ends" package...


...and even some adorable donut-shaped elements that make the perfect "O" for the board (this one is from the Odds and Ends set, but there are some great Doodle-pops and icon stickers that would work as well)


Add a few additional elements like some Skinny CS stickers and some mini paperclips, twine and Sprinkles (because really, a Doodlebug project isn't complete with a Sprinkle or two)...

...and you have a simple layout with a darling design that is sure to make you smile as much as you are making it as when you see it in an album. Man, I love this collection! In fact, I love it so much that I just couldn't leave this post with just one project...

containers-all I decided to create some fun "Cream" containers (you might know them as mini-milk cartons, but this is the Cream & Sugar collection so work with me one this one). 



I created one for each member of my little family - personalizing the die cuts I chose from the Odds and Ends to match the contents of each little container. And while it seems "cute" that each one is a little different, it really has to do with the fact that not one member of my family likes the same things that the other does! Hot chocolate in my house comes with marshmallows for one, cookies for another (because marshmallows are "yucky") and tea and macrons for the other because he happens to prefer tea and is gluten free. The good news is that meant I got to play with different die cuts and just have a totally fun time trying to personalize each little package!  

 I can't wait to give them to them for Valentine's day!


Ummm and can I just say - how cute are the clips and washi tape that coordinate with this collection??! Even the gluten free container needed to have a donut clip and washi tape on it! So there you have it - a couple of projects made with Doodlebug's amazing Cream and Sugar collection. I hope they brought a smile to your face today. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and kisses, Karen



  1. Fabulous projects!! Love those little cartons!!!

  2. I think you tic-tac-toe layout is so creative!

    1. Thanks Lynda! It came to me as I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep one night! Some time insomnia works out!

  3. Absolutely adorable! Brilliant design for your LO! I love your sweet cream cartons! Your family must have been thrilled to receive them :)

    1. Thank-you!!! I haven't given them to them yet...thinking of Valentines Day! But one is my little gals did see me making them and wondered out loud "oooo...I wonder who those are for?"

  4. These are both fantastic! I'm so excited I can finally pin them! :)


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