Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sweet Things Collection: Daily Doodles with Courtney

Hello doodlebug fans! :) Did you know that doodlebug made calendars? They are called daily doodles!!! I.Am.In.LOVE! I started in December and so this is my third calendar page! I already have March in the works. This is SUCH a fabulous way to remember what your family did on certain days. I am also recording baby "firsts" for our new Lilibeth! I can add pictures in the album that coordinate with these memories. Given that I am not a "scrapbooker" by nature, this works brilliantly for me!

 I utilized the cupcake sweet rolls mini icon stickers for birthdays for this month! It made it super fun, easy, and cute to keep track of them! I also used the icon stickers to add the big striped arrow to indicate when people are here. :) The fancy frills are an awesome way to indicate bigger chunks of time where something is going on. 

I used random number stickers for the calendar days. I thought it was very "Alice in Wonderland" fun. AND it was a great way to use up my numbers at the bottom of my alpha sheets! All of these numbers are by doodlebug. Doodlebug also makes the names of the months as a sticker so you don't have to do the work there! :) They do it for you. I love it. I used the fancy frills underneath the title to give it some "umph". 

My daughter Charlotte's birthday is in February (the 27th) so I wanted to do something extra special on that day. I used both the gum ball machine and a sweet thing this and that tag to highlight the day! The bottom of the calendar is emphasized by a "memories" sticker from the this and that page as well as a fancy frill heart border sticker. It's an easy way to dress up your calendar! 

I attach my calendar to the clipart that doodlebug makes and I hang it in the mudroom above the shoes so the whole family can see the schedule! It is working FABULOUSLY for our family. I am just sad I forgot to take a picture of the calendar on the clipart! SO cute!

Give the daily doodles a try to get your family organized! This has been amazing! I cannot say enough good things!


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