Friday, May 22, 2015

DOILIES: Mini Doily Layout by Melinda Spinks


 (ˈdɔɪ li) 

n., pl. -lies.

1. any small, ornamental mat, esp. one of embroidery or lace used on or under a plate.
2. Archaic. a small, dainty napkin used under a cake.
Sometimes, doyley.

Doilies bring back so many childhood memories of my Nanna and her delicate china plates complete with lace doily and a beautiful spongecake covered in cream and fresh strawberries. However, the humble doily went out of fashion for quite some time and now it has made a welcome comeback. I wonder what my Nanna would have thought of all the gorgeous colours available in the Doodlebug collection?

I love these photos as they show just how silly my kids can be when they fool around in my craft room... fortunately (this time) there was very little mess and only a two stickers were claimed as casualties!

I had a wild plan to completely cover my layout in doilies but for the life of me I couldn't work out how I wanted to achieve the effect so it was a bit of trial and error. Eventually I decided on the layered approach.

Firstly I had to work up the courage to actually take a pair of scissors to my doilies and cut them in half.

Using a ruler as a guide to keep things straight I laid each row down starting from the bottom row and working my way up. I simply ran a line of double sided adhesive across the cardstock to adhere the doilies.

After staring at my page for quite some time I decided that I didn't like the look of the completely covered background so I cut a large circle from a second piece of card and adhered it over the top. I was really thrilled with the result and all that was left to do was decorate.

I hope you have been enjoying the past two weeks of doily inspired projects and hope you will come back next week for our final week of design team inspiration.

Don't forget to enter the Doodlebug give-away for your chance to win an amazing assortment of doilies in all colours and sizes!
You can find the details HERE!


  1. This is just awesome... LOVE everything about it Melinda!

  2. Such a great way to use
    the doilies! Love all the
    Carla from Utah

  3. Pinned at this address:
    Carla from Utah

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Melinda! Such a great way to use the doilies!!!

  5. Your layout is amazing Melinda! Love the ruffly layers and those darling photos of your kids wearing the Doodlebug Mustache stickers! :)

  6. This is fantastic! I would have never thought to use doilies like this. I love the colors you chose as well. Super fun and cute!

  7. What a clever way to usethe doilies Melinda, 100% fan of your work!!

  8. What a clever way to usethe doilies Melinda, 100% fan of your work!!

  9. Beautiful and so very genius!! That is how Melinda rolls!! So cool and fun to see how she used doilies on this layout - such a great idea!!!


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