Monday, May 25, 2015

DOILIES: Ice Cream and Ruffles by Vicki Boutin

Hey there!  It's Vicki here with a little more Doily fun!  I am in love with the new Mini Doilies.  So many colors, so many possibilities!!!  And anything "mini" is especially sweet, right!?

How about a doily ice cream cone?  These little guys are perfect for "two scoops"!  I had this fun photo of my daughter eating her favourite treat and I immediately wanted to make a little paper piecing.


The addition of Sprinkles make for the perfect "sprinkles" on the cone and the sunglasses sticker adds a little "cool".  I added a stack of doilies (2-3 doilies) to make the "scoops" a little more substantial.


A fun way to add interest to a paper piecing is with tone on tone texture.  I just cut a few wonky strips and added them to the cone.


The title is made up of Skinny Stickers.  I love these!  They are the perfect height for title work and the thin width allows you to fit a lot of "word" in a tight space.


My fellow design team members have been creating so many fabulous projects with doilies and it seems Melinda and I were on a similar creative wave length.  I also added some layered the doilies.  It is a super fun and textural approach.  I created a little border using this application.  I think it gives the appearance of lace.


One more look.  These little guys are so pretty and versatile.  I hope you have been taking note of all of the ideas shared here on the blog and you get a chance to come up with a few of your own!!


  1. Love this Vicki! That ice cream cone is adorable!

  2. Love your doili-lo Vicki!!! So fun!!

  3. Super cute! Loving the cone and the fun doily scallops! :)

  4. Clever and super fun - love those doily ice cream cones - filled with sprinkles!!! What a creative and fun layout using these wonderful colorful treasures!!


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