Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Back to School: School Days Calendar by Traci

Hi Doodlebug fans! 

It's Traci and I'm on the blog with a project that serves two purposes today! When my boys were younger, part of the challenge during the school year was keeping track of everything! Homework, field trips, baseball games, programs, fundraisers, tests ... the list goes on and on. So we always had a school calendar in the kitchen to keep track of everything. My calendar back then wasn't very cute, but it was functional. If I'd had Doodlebug's new Back To School collection then, it could have been both!

I started my calendar with August, because here in GA, school starts early. But you could start yours with any month. The top portion can hold first day photos, favorite new outfit pictures, or even shots of the kids with their new teacher.

For the calendar portion, I kept it simple with a few stickers and Doodle-Pops. I just love the Skinny Alpha stickers ... there are so many on a sheet it was easy to spell out all of my months in different colors. And here's another tip, Doodlebug has wonderful Teensy Type stickers that would be perfect for adding the dates 1-31 to each calendar!

The washi tape that is part of this collection is so cute! It was perfect for running along the bottom of each calendar for extra color and a fun accent.

Once the calendar has been used for the year, take out your binding and put each 12"x12" layout in a scrapbook! Instant school album!! I love when projects serve double-duty!

Thanks for letting me share this fun project with you today! I will have more photos of each month posted over on my blog at Artsy Albums so I'd love for you to stop by and say hello!


  1. Replies
    1. Your a genius !!! Great idea and oh... so cute!

  2. Super it is beautiful and very helpful with kid's school homework!!!
    Nice Traci!!

  3. Traci - This is so amazingly done and I just love the idea!! What fun this is and how great it will be to add pictures too!! Love how talented you are and how the things you create always impress!!! This collection is among my favorite Doodlebug collections of ALL TIME!!!

  4. This is so awesome! So adorably executed and I love how well the Skinny alphabet stickers work with your calendar! :)

  5. Your a genius!!!! What a great idea, and oh... so cute!!!


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