Friday, March 27, 2015

Inspired By Challenge: Card Trio by Wendy Sue Anderson

Hi Doodlebug friends!  It's me, Wendy Sue, and it's finally my turn to share an "inspired by" project!!  I had a hard time choosing one fabulous project to use for I decided not to!  Instead, I decided to use THREE projects to inspire my Spring card trio!
Here are the three cards I chose for inspiration - two fabulous cards by Kathy Martin:

This cute "February" card inspired my "Hi, sunshine" card:

And Kathy's "Love" card:

Inspired my "happy bouquet" card:

And this one by the talented Shellye McDaniel:

Inspired my "You Are My Sunshine" card:

You see, my favorite thing about finding inspiration in my fellow crafter's projects, is taking the "bones" and switching up the theme, patterns, and embellishments to work for any theme!  Now it's YOUR turn!  Find a Doodlebug project to inspire your next crafty endeavor!! :)


  1. These are all so adorable Wendy Sue!!!

  2. Every single one of these is so cute! Such a great take on these fun cards! :)

  3. Wendy Sue - you are such a delightful, creative crafter!! Love the things you do and these cards are no exception!!! Love the way you took the inspiration and tweaked it to make these cards your own!! So impressive!!!

  4. SUPER CUTE cards Wendy Sue - LOVE your inspiration too!!!
    You are my sunshine is one of my all-time-favourite sentiments :)


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