Friday, March 13, 2015

Fun Washi Tape Borders with Tya

Hi there friends - thanks for stopping by - its Tya here with you  continuing our Washi Tape Challenge week with a fun way to use washi tape as a border. I will teach you 2 techniques today that would work great on cards or layouts both - so here is what I did!

The first technique I want to show you is to use a border punch with your washi tape. This technique combines two of my favorite products that I use all the time on my projects, so why not combine the 2 of them right? So I found 2 of my favorite border punches and then 4 different swiss dot Washi Tapes and 4 thin stripe Washi Tapes in colors that match my papers.(Check out all of the amazing Washi Tapes we have here)

Here are the steps to creating this border:
1-  Place the Washi Tape on the edge of a length of cardstock. See the excess Washi on the edges? Leave those on and wrap them around the back edges of the cardstock. When we go to take the tape off of the cardstock these excess edges will make it easier to pull the tape off the cardstock after we are done punching it out.
2- Punch out the border.
3-Punch all the way across the paper.
4- Very carefully peel the Washi Tape from the cardstock. Go nice and slow so you don't rip the tape and start peeling the tape off  along the back edges with those excess edges we did.
5 - Layer your tapes on the card front.
6 - This is the card with all the different tapes on them.

The next technique is a Washi Tape Ruffle. This is such a darling technique and so easy to achieve..
Here are the steps to make the ruffle:
1- Cut 2 strips of Washi tape. Make sure that you make the tape bigger than what you are going to layer it on. Because we are gathering the tape, it needs to be bigger to adjust for that.
2- Place the 2 tapes together with the sticky sides on the inside. ( This was a little tricky - thank goodness the washi tape is so forgiving. If you don't get the edges straight the first time - or the 5th time like me - it is easily repositioned. ) :)
3- Add some strong adhesive tape to the underside of the paper you are adding the border to. Take the Washi Tape and just start gathering it. It doesn't need to be even, I just started gathering and went until I got to the end of the Washi Tape.
4- Here is the completed ruffle. Isn't it fun? You could probably add more layers of Washi Tape as well if you would like to.

I hope I have inspired you to look at all those rolls of Washi Tape you have and decide to use them on some fun borders like I did. Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy crafting!


  1. WOW wow WOW

    FABULOUS cards and WONDERFUL washi techniques Tya!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your tutorials - I look forward to trying my hand at making some pretty borders & ruffles real soon :)

  2. Such great cards & fun techniques Tya!!!

  3. Super cute Tya! Love how fun and colorful your cards are :)

  4. A washi tape ruffle? Tya, you slay me. Amazing!

  5. These are so much fun! I love seeing new ideas for using washi tape and these are wonderful! I'm pinning them for future reference!

  6. Great tips and
    I love the ruffle!
    Carla from Utah

  7. Thanks for both great ideas, and I love the fun colors!


  8. Besutiful cards Tya, I love the way you used the washi!

  9. These turned out so fun Tya! Really great ways to showcase the washi tape properties! :)

  10. This is such a fun idea and so cool!! Way to use the washi, Tya!!! So very awesome - never thought of using my punches on it - going to give it a try!! Thanks so much!!!

  11. Adorable cards!! Love how bright and cheerful they are!


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