Friday, December 19, 2014

Mistle"toes" Home Decor Gift Idea

Hello doodlebug-lovers! 

Court from Court's Crafts here showing you one of the Christmas gifts that I made for my parents. It's Charlotte's first Christmas so I thought this would be a cute thing to put on their wall. They go in 12x12" shadow boxes. :) 

This is one of those "pinterest inspired" ideas that thankfully worked out! Don't underestimate how hard it is to get paint prints of little feet though!!! It took two adults and a few throw aways. Also, all the toes rarely end up there so I used my pinky to add them back in. That sounds creepy, but it's totally not and works!

I decided to use two fonts so that the pun would be emphasized. The simply sweet font comes with hearts in it so I decided to replace the dot for the eye with the heart. I thought it added a little somethin'.

I added the ribbon and bells to make it a little more festive. The red wire is ribbon covered but since it is strong wire can be formed in any direction. I just wrapped it around a pen and pulled it in funky directions to my liking.

I LOVE the jack and jill font and the tone on tone stickers. Can you see the little polkadots on the "t"?

I used doodlebug solid color cardstock for both the white and the brown. Did you know they make it by the sheet now in a huge amount of doodlebug scrumptious colors?

Below is Charlotte's. Don't worry about the wrinkling. It looks much worse in the pic then in real life and that was just my mini pinterest-fail. If you do this project use higher quality paint. I used washable kid's paint and that was a mistake I think. You could also use an ink pad but the scrubbing of the feet may be a little ticklish for your tiny foot models! 

Here they are side by side. Emmaline's to the left and Charlotte's to the right. I added their names and the year below the words. I used the teensy type bubble letters in ladybug. I was going to take a picture of it, but now they are wrapped for Christmas! 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a beautiful day! Make something special for your family this Christmas!

doodles used:
doodlebug: santa express: very merry (4337) (patterned paper)
doodlebug: teensy type letters in ladybug (3428)
doodlebug: simply sweet letters in ladybug (1378)
doodlebug: jack and jill letters in bon bon (2405)
doodlebug: cardstock in lily white (3402)
doodlebug: cardstock in chocolate chip (3409)


  1. Very sweet project, love the little footprints!

  2. These are darling Courtney! I love this idea! :)

  3. These are ADORABLE!!!
    LOVE them from top to toe :)

  4. OMG Your card is one super precious and definitely one super outstanding creative job!!
    I've never have seen this before so of course when I saw your card the first thing I did say was
    "Are you kidding me.....OMG...How adorable"! This definitely is to be one treasure card! WOW!
    I am in total awe of your card!! WOW!!! YOU SO ROCK!!


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