Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chirp Chirp...a new Twist on Christmas Houses

Hello Doodlebugs!  It's Mendi here today with a fun twist on the idea of Christmas villages using birdhouses and the Santa Express collection!
So I have a confession... I had this grand plan of creating a whole Christmas village using all the different wood birdhouses available at my local Michaels store (I got this one for only $2.99 with a coupon), but the craziness of the Christmas season hit and this is as far as I got so he's going to have to go solo this year.  ;)
I cut the train patterned paper to look like a little train wrapping around the base.  I thought the Santa tag (with the loop cut off) made the perfect character to inhabit my little home.  The thin heart washi tape from the collection was also a perfect fit for the base.
To create my roof and have everything line up perfectly every time without a lot of extra math I created a template on my Silhouette which I am sharing here today.  Click HERE to download. Keep in mind that these wood birdhouses are mass produced at a low cost so each birdhouse might have slightly different measurements than the next.  I know the hole on the front of my house was off centered so I had to make some light adjustments to account for that.  I would suggest cutting the front piece from scratch paper first and then adjusting the pattern as needed.
I hope I've inspired you to look at spring birdhouses with a fresh eye.  ;)


  1. WOW - your Christmas birdhouse is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS Mendi!!!
    Santa looks so happy with this CRAFTY DELIGHT and you have made a wonderful start towards creating a CUTE village - LOVE IT!!!

  2. So adrable, Mendi! Your talent just amazes me :-)

  3. So adrable, Mendi! Your talent just amazes me :-)

  4. oh my goodness, this is FABULOUS, Mendi! i totally want to make one to hang in my craft studio (but no real birds, thanks!). how cute!!

  5. Such an adorable project! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with all of us!!


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