Friday, November 14, 2014

Thankful for Home Decor

Hey doodlebug lovers! Courtney from Court's Crafts here with a couple little home decor projects for you!

Family Key Holder
Our assignment was to create something that represented "thankfulness". Well, I am SUPER thankful for my tiny family. I am not so thankful when my husband steals my car keys because he cannot find his own and then hides them somewhere like in his jacket pocket. Inevitably I need to run out the door and my keys are no where to be found. SO this was a reminder to be thankful and not to get angry.. even if I am staring at an empty key holder because mine were abducted. When it comes down to it, it doesn't matter. At. All - There are quite a few people out there wishing they had a husband to steal their keys and are still waiting for "the one". I am so thankful I have him. 

Okay okay, enough of the sappy. Onto the post!  

I have been meaning to use these mini flowers for a while now. They have stared at me forlornly from my craft room wall just begging to be used. Then - suddenly - home decor! I could stare at this sweet flower all day! :) I added some twine to the middle of the "button" and lots of pop dots. Presto. 

I cut the shadows out of doodlebug colored cardstock. love it. The individual patterns came from 6x6 paper pads of both Friendly Forest and Happy Camper. They are totally interchangeable - like one huge happy collection! 

Check out the "L". I HAD to get that fox paper somewhere in my house. Cutest. Little. Foxes. Ever. If you have boys find a way to make this into wall paper for their rooms or something. So cute.

Aww... Look at that little raccoon rascal. Isn't he so cute holding that acorn? My dad used to feed feral raccoons out of his hand. (I know; not smart. But hear me out.) He would wake me up out of bed as a kid and keep me inside behind the sliding glass door while he fed them an apple. I thought my daddy could do ANYthing. He tamed while beasts! haha. 

Thankful Banner
I needed something to dress up my candelabra tree that I put in the middle of my dining room table for this season - Halloween through Thanksgiving. I wanted to give it a splash of color. I won't lie - I made doily toilet paper owls first... they were cute.. but something about toilet paper rolls on my dining room table just didn't suit. Doodlebug to the rescue! 

So I literally stood in my craft room saying to my 8 month old (because talking to your 8 month old is WAY cooler than talking to yourself... which is what I was really doing... out loud...), "Man, Charlotte, wouldn't it be great if I didn't have to cut out banner pieces for this? I should tell doodlebug to make them." Then I flipped through my fancy frills... and there they were... just waiting for me. So I again talked to my 8 month old, "Charlotte. Remind me to thank doodlebug later." Thanks doodlebug!!!! So smart.  

 This project was so easy! I simply used the banner pieces that already came on the fancy frills in the Friendly Forest collection and added teensy type letters in lily white. The faux stitching is already part of the banner! 

I punched some holes because I wanted to flash a little twine - That's basically like the old-fashioned way of flashing a little leg in a black and white movie... but for crafters... (insert cat-call) Check.Out.That.Cute.Twine!

Decor for Thanksgiving table? Done. :) 

bugs used for family key holder:
doodlebug: happy camper: 6x6 paper pad (4387)
doodlebug: friendly forest: 6x6 paper pad (4384)
doodlebug: happy harvest mini flowers (3944)
doodlebug: doodle-pops: forest friends (4426)
doodlebug: doodle twine: bon bon (2993)
doodlebug: cardstock: dolphin (3393)
doodlebug: cardstock: maple (3406)
doodlebug: cardstock: mandarin (3380)
doodlebug: cardstock: sweet pea (3389)

bugs used for thankful banner:
doodlebug: friendly forest: fancy frills (4371)
doodlebug: doodle twine: bumblebee (3208)
doodlebug: teensy type in lily white (3435)


  1. Great projects Courtney...LOVE that key holder! Such a great idea!

  2. Lovely key holder and
    the banner is so fun!
    Carla from Utah

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  5. Beautiful projects. Love this bright collection.

  6. These are so sweet! Love how you popped up your letters on your key holder. :)

  7. I LOVE sappy Courtney and I am thankful of your reminder that some, strike that and replace it with MOST, of the things that annoy us really don't matter in the scheme of things. I am so lucky with my husband too and will try to chill out more!!!
    Your key holder is so pretty, especially with the different coloured shadows and big flower, LOVE your thankful banner too - I will definitely be looking out for these fancy frills & teensy type letters, I don't think I could ever have too many in my stash. Happy Camper & Friendly Forest are FABULOUS collections, all the more awesome because they mix 'n match PERFECTLY!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your CREATIVE INSPIRATION and FUN post today - I am STILL SMILING :)

    1. PS - I'm STILL giggling at the thought of your toilet roll owls too :)

    2. Tracy, email me and I will send you the pic of the one I created! haha. Seriously. SO funny.

  8. Love the colorful letters on the key holder. They just pop off the brown wood! The whimsical littler banner is adorable too! Awesome projects, just love this collection as I love all Doodlebug collections!

  9. Очень красивые украшения!!

  10. Love this! Pinned here:

  11. Complete and TOTAL awesome-sauce!!! Love this idea and you have made it look professionally done!! You are super talented and I love this!!!

  12. Oh my gosh...what a fun post. Your projects are awesome, but your tone just makes me want to come have a cup of coffee with much fun!

  13. I pinned Courtney's Family Key Holder :)

  14. I pinned Courtney's thankful banner :)


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