Saturday, November 29, 2014

Quick & Easy Washi Tape Christmas Tree Cards

Hello everyone! This is Courtney from Court's Crafts

These washi tape trees came together SO quickly. From concept to completion I did all three in 40 minutes! If you just execute it should take you far far far less. 

Everyone has *too* much washi tape in their stash.. If you don't, you should. LOL. I often find that I just want to USE mine. So here it is. No die cutting, no machines, just scissors and a paper trimmer. 

If you wanted to cut the edges of the washi tape at an angle it would look even more tree-like. :) 

Okay, ready? Go!

I built the whole tree around this super cute choo choo train washi tape. Love it. 

I used the white doily washi tape for a sweet effect that is very elegant in person. 

Shh... I grabbed this star from the 4th of July line.. 

If you wanted to make these cards super easy to mail without extra postage just forgo the enamel dots and put a sticker star at the top instead. They look just as cute!

Sometimes the pictures make it hard to see the color differences. I just wanted to show you: 

I grabbed some of the chevron washi to give the eyes a "direction" to follow. 

I hope this inspires you to grab your washi tape stash and go to work on some easy to make Christmas cards!! 

doodle bugs used:
santa express: baby deer (4342)
lily white card stock
washi tape:
santa express: sweethearts (4414)
santa express: santa express (4413)
santa express: north pole stripe (4411)
santa express: frosty frill (4412)
candy stripes assortment (4235)
chevron assortment (4234)
sprinkles: Christmas (4399)
star jewels: red, white & blue (3671)


  1. How cute Courtney. Great use of washi tape.

  2. These are super fun! Love the simplicity and whimsical design! Such a fun way to use washi tape! The enamel dots are such great touch too!

  3. Super adorable! What a quick, easy card!

  4. WONDERFUL Washi Tape Trees and CUTE cards Courtney :)

  5. Какие милые елочки!!

  6. Love it! Pinned here:

  7. This is amazing!!! I love washi tape so much and making cute cards with it would be simply delightful!! Great idea - Thanks!!!


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