Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sequins: Dress It Up with Sequins

 Hello, friends!  I love working with sequins.  In fact, when I was *much* younger
I collected those cute felt applique kits and spent hours stitching sequins onto
Santa's beard or Frosty's hat.  I like that you can really glam something up or just
add a subtle sparkle with a lot or a few sequins!
So today I have two card variations using a little and a lot of Doodlebug sequins.

I think that my most favorite way to add sequins is to hand-stitch them.
For this card I first started with a set of thin dies, felt and a scratch piece of paper

The thing that I love most about Doodlebug's sequins is that you get a nice 
mix of flat, opaque, clear and shiny pieces in each jar.  I also used some 
clear sead beads that I had on hand, which is a necessary component when
stitching sequins...plus it looks pretty too!

You could also make the stitched motif removable (from the card) and 
add a pin back or piece of magnet so that it can be displayed in other ways.

Doodlebug Products are from the Sugar Shoppe Collection and Cupcake Sequins

 This next card goes with the less timely approach to adding sequins...mini adhesive dots!
I've used the 3/16" High Tack Adhesive Dots by Xyron;  a great size for sequins.

I simply followed the dot design on the patterned paper in attaching the sequins.

Doodlebug Products are from the Sugar Shoppe Collection and Lily White Sequins.

I hope that you find some fun ways to add Doodlebug Sequins to your projects too!
Thanks for visiting-- Shellye


  1. These are gorgeous Shellye...I love that cupcake!

  2. What super, fabulous ideas Shellye has to share with us - I am so in love with Doodlebug's sequins and I just found more uses thanks to Shellye's awesome post!! Love the diagonal stripes highlighted with the white sequins!!! Just really excellent work here!!

  3. Super sweet card! I have to try the stamps and dies!!!

  4. Love doodlebug & love these designs! Beautiful work!

  5. How sweet! Not only do I have another great idea for sequins but also for a summer project with some of my felt!!! LOVE it!!! Thanks for the awesome inspiration yet again! :D

  6. DELIGHTFUL pair of cards Shellye!!!
    LOVE your felt cupcake card with the sequin frosting ... I confess that until the focus on sequins this month, I thought that stitching was the only way to secure them in place :)
    LOVE your balloon card too, so clever to align the sequins with the dotted paper!!!


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