Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Patriotic Parade: Picnic Caddy and Patriotic Bunting

Patriotic Picnic Caddy 
by Amanda Coleman 

I am completely smitten by the bold colors and festive patterns in Doodlebug's new Patriotic Parade collection.  Although it is only May, I am already looking forward to festive Fourth of July decor and lots and lots of picnics.

The American flag is is repeated throughout the Patriotic Parade collection.  I gathered coordinating patterned paper and upcycled some regular ol' cans to create a Fourth of July utensil holder.

I started by wrapping three cans with patterned paper.  All you need to do this is a paper cutter and a glue gun.

I tied the three cans together with a piece of striped ribbon.  The ribbon is the only thing that is holding the cans together so the cans could be repurposed again simply by untying the ribbon.

I dug into my supply of Christmas ribbon and found this striped grosgrain ribbon.  I love how the stripey bow compliments the flag patterns on the cans.

Happy creating!


Patriotic Parade collection
Striped ribbon (Offray)

Patriotic Bunting

Well hello! This is Courtney from Court's Crafts here! :) 

I made this 4th of July banner for the girls' bedroom door. Emmaline "helped" cut most of the pieces out on my die cutting machine and she loves this banner! She is very proud of it being on her door. 

These star brads are SOOOO cute!! I love love love them. What a perfect accent to the middle of the pinwheel! I am going to try layered pinwheels soon! The doodle-pop pinwheels were the start of my inspiration for this project. 

 Ahhh - doodle-pops... how I love thee. Emmaline loves airplanes right now and points them out every chance she gets. She insisted that this airplane went on the banner. I was thinking about it and wavering and I am so glad she was insistent as it's so darling! I added that gorgeous star jewel for a little bling. :)

Do you ever start to design, hesitate, and question yourself whether or not something is "too much"? I spent WAY too much time staring at this. These are two stickers layered on top of each other. I am SO glad I did it! I think it's kind of fabulous. When in doubt - remember that they are only stickers and they might as well be used! :) I added a little Fancy Frill to the top as well. :)

Oh look! Another DARLING doodle-pop!

All of the letters on my banner came from the icons for Patriotic Parade. They were probably "designed" for a title of a scrapbook page, but I love them on a banner! The oversized letters are perfect for just that. :) 

A little extra bling was needed... enter fabby sequins

Did anyone spy the doilies from the valentine's day collection: sweetheart?!? Why yes, they do match. :)

doodlebug: patriotic parade all stars (4304)
doodlebug: patriotic parade red, white and blue (4300)
doodlebug: patriotic parade proud plaid (4302)
doodlebug: patriotic parade air mail doodle-pops (3690
doodlebug: patriotic parade fire cracker mini doodle-pops (3692)
doodlebug: patriotic parade icons (4312)
doodlebug: patriotic parade fancy frills (4313)
doodlebug: patriotic parade star jewels red white and blue (3671)
doodlebug: patriotic parade star brads (3676)
doodlebug: ladybug doilies (4066)
doodlebug: sequins in lily white (4265)


  1. Such Adorable projects ladies!!!

  2. Hey! these are great and colorful ideas! Pinned! Thank you!

  3. LOVE your COOL caddy Amanda - such pretty recycling!!!
    LOVE your FABULOUS banner Courtney - pinwheels, sequins and stars OH MY!!!
    Looks like you are preparing an AWESOME birthday party for me :)

  4. Wonderful projects! Pinned away! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Very beautiful creations! Thank you for all the great inspiration today!

  6. OMG everything is so awesome, fab and just outstanding you really outdid yourself.....hmmmm what time is the parteeeeeeeee????? What could there possibly be left to think of???? I mean your patriotic wreath is next to check out........girl you did think of anything & everything WOW!

  7. Love the covered cans for the cutlery. We have a big fish fry in July. I'm going to decorate some cans for that - instead of putting the cutlery in a boring square container. thanks for the idea. These will really brighten up the table.

  8. Very awesome ideas. Love the up cycling.

  9. One of my son's friends came by on the Fourth of July and asked if I decorate this much for every holiday? No, I just love red, white and blue and Americana and my house is always ready for the Fourth of July! Love that banner, especially!

  10. I'm already a fan on Facebook, shared your FB post with my crafty friends :)

  11. I pinned the collage pic of Amanda's Picnic Caddy - it's marvellous what a Patriotic Parade papers & pretty ribbon can do to transform some old cans into pretty utensil holders :)

  12. I pinned the pic of Courtney's Patriotic Bunting - the cheery, double-sided papers are perfect for pinwheels and the banner bits too :)

  13. I pinned the close-up pic of the pinwheel from the Courtney's Patriotic Bunting - the papers are perfect for pinwheels and how cute is the starry Sprinkle!!!

  14. I pinned the close-up pic of the "J" banner from Courtney's Patriotic Bunting - such pretty papers, sequins, alphas and stickers - LOVE the little fire cracker :)

  15. I pinned some of the Patriotic Parade papers, including the "red, white & blue" Courtney used to create the awesome pinwheels on her Patriotic Bunting :)

  16. Such fun! Great inspiration!


  17. I love using the cans for the silverware!! We always go to a friend's home for a big 4th of July celebration and this would be a wonderful thing for her to use!

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  19. I shared on facebook.
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