Friday, April 25, 2014

Sugar Shoppe: Mixed Media Project by Sharm

Hello! hello! Who's here for more sugar rush? :) I'm sure you can see what a perfect collection this is..I just cant seem to stop making more goodies with them

Well, since it's my time to share a project I made using the delish Sugar Shoppe Collection, I have something for those of you who are just about to venture into the beautiful world of mixed media :) Something simple to to start with, this canvas is perfect for your kitchen or even just to prop up on your dining room wall

Here's what my project looks like:

Step 1: Using Mod Podge or Multi Medium, first spread some of the medium evenly on top of your canvas.

Step 2: Next, using the side of the patterned paper that you wish to have as your background paper for your canvas, put that side down onto the multi medium

Step 3: Leave to dry. Once it is completely dry, spritz some water and gently rub off the patterned paper till you see the design you have chosen emerge. Continue doing so for the entire canvas

Next, prepare you layers using punch outs, die cuts followed by topping up with the cupcake as the last bit and a wee bit of the garland (for those of you who like me, love to hoard LOL)

Finally, using a stencil of your choice, add some modelling / texture paste (I have used one here to resemble the icing on a cupcake). 

Easy, Peasy? I guarantee! You can also add sequins here and there, spray some mists and even add some splats of acrylic paint to give it a more mixed media feel :)

Materials Used:


  1. SO WONDERFUL to have the blog working again :)

    SO WONDERFUL to have Sharm's SUPER CUTE canvas to INSPIRE - the layers are SO PRETTY and the technique used for the background sounds SO EXCITING => added this to my "techniques-to-try" list!!!

    THANK YOU for the inspiration Sharm!!!

  2. so creative! I love it!I like that you explain and give us opcions as what to use! I am happy to have more inspiration!!!

  3. I shared the Facebook post about Sharm's cute canvas :)

  4. I pinned the collage pic of Sharm's cute canvas :)

  5. I pinned the photo of Sharm's cute canvas :)

  6. I pinned this close-up photo of Sharm's cute canvas showing the detail of the icing, garland and clever technique with the paper rubbing :)

  7. Pinned it -
    I love the textures on this!

  8. Super cute and love the idea!!! Thanks, Sharm for sharing with us!!


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