Wednesday, October 16, 2013

PIXIES: Halloween Ornaments by Amy

Whether or not you go all out decorating for the holidays, today I have a simple craft that will allow you to add something fun to your celebrations with very little time or effort.

With one pack of Pixies, you can decorate a large set of branches.  Add a scrap bunting, and you have a fantastic focal piece.

These ornaments are fun and quick to build.  With a few simple steps you'll have a frightfully fun set of decorations.

1.  Gather your supplies.  You will need your pixies, beads and string.
2.  Make your main pixie bead.  Cut down one of the sticks by 1/3 to 1/2.  Find two matching embellishments.  Put the bottom of each embellishment on the pixie.
3.  Put the top of each embellishment on the pixie.  You may need to bend the tab just a bit to get it to fit.  Slide down to center on the pixie.

1.  Cut a length of string at least twice as long as your finished ornament.  Take one bead and tie it to one end of the string, leaving a short tail.  
2. Place a second bead on the string, thread the tail up through the bead.
3.  Add more beads and your pixie bead, stringing the tail thread through the beads until it's all hidden.

1.  Add your final beads.  Once the last bead is on, bring your string back up through the bottom of the last bead.  With tension on the beads to keep them cinched up, tighten the thread to keep the beads in place.  
2.  Tie a loop on the remaining string, keeping the knot close to the top bead.  Thread the remaining tail down through the beads to hide it.

You are finished.  Hang your ornaments from branches, a chandelier or add them to a festive banner.  The possibilities are limitless.

For more details on my Halloween Mantel, you can check out my blog post here.

Have a "Spook"- tacular Halloween!


  1. Love how the Doodlebug colors brighten everything up! Did Doodlebug announce the winners from their Oct. 11 blog?

  2. Those are adorable...but isn't EVERYTHING from Doodlebug! Such a fun many things to do with pixies...LOVE!

  3. Another very clever idea for the pixie sticks and flags. Love the banner made from washi tape too! :)


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