Tuesday, February 26, 2013

“Not-A-Love-Note” Love Notes

My little boys like to take their own lunch to school on occasion.  When they do pack a lunch, I help them…and I like to send a fun little surprise along with their PB&J.  That little surprise is in the form of a love note….only they are little boys who don’t really want their friends seeing a “love note” from their mom...so I send “not-a-love-note” notes.  Really, all I want to do is let them know I’m thinking of them – so these little love notes are usually in the form of jokes!

Since I can’t be "too mushy,” I like to go all out with their joke cards – and using fun stickers and embellishments from my scrapbooking supplies really lets the boys know these are super special!

Doodlebug Doodle-pops are SUPER cute and I love using them on the joke cards.  Not only are they cute, but I can ALWAYS find a cute little joke or riddle to correspond with the image.

Here are a few of my favorite websites for kid-friendly jokes:
After you find the jokes you want to use, simply type them into a document and print them out onto white cardstock.  I like to use mailing templates to get the right spacing, but if you space them so the final card is about 4” wide and 2 1/2” tall, there will be just the right amount of space to add your doodle-pop next to the joke.

After the jokes are printed, just add the doodle-pop and mount the entire piece on a coordinating color of patterned paper (this will be easy because Doodlebug is awesome and everything coordinates!).

Print out the answer to the riddle onto a small strip of white cardstock and adhere it to the back of the card.

And that’s how you send love notes to your little boys without them realizing it’s a love note!

Visit Wendy's blog for more inspiration. 


  1. So cute, I do the same for my daughter but she likes the mushy ones.

  2. I used to like to send something with my son's lunch too, but like all little boys they didn't want their friends to see a "mushy" not from mom. So I started taking a bite out of his PB&J sandwich. When he would come home from school he would tell me that someone took a bite of his sandwich. I would just smile and say it was the sandwich monster. To this day it's still a little "funny" and he's over 40 now:)

    1. Aw, Debbie, I LOVE that! What a fun (secret) way to let him know you were thinking about him! :)


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