Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12 Days of Christmas - Day 9 with Tiffany

I've been wanting to make this Advent Calendar since I got my Silhouette for Christmas last year.  This was last year's advent calendar sold by Silhouette, and it's great because the boxes are big enough for decent size treats (for those of us with a sweet tooth) or even little gifts.  I made the boxes with white paper because I didn't want to use up all my cute patterned paper where you wouldn't see it, but then I covered the fronts with patterned paper and punched the tab with a 3/4" circle punch.
Even if you can't get one of these Silhouette advent calendars, there are lots of different companies that sell ready-to-embellish advent calendars of all shapes and sizes, some that look a lot like this one.  Just pick one up and then pick up the North Pole collection from Doodlebug, lots of letter stickers, twine, pearls, jewels, and go to town!

I guess this is a lesson in embellishment.  When embellishing something like this I like to stick to a color palette of 3-4 main colors.  That way it won't look more busy than it already will :)  In this case: red, green, white, and grey.


Then just think of ways to add interest by adding the following:
Die Cuts
Number and/or letter stickers
and my favorite thing in the world:  Dimensional foam adhesive

Just make sure you're spreading out your colors evenly, and add texture with crushed velvet number stickers and twine, dimension with dimensional adhesives, and voila!

In a Flurry cardstock, Christmas Cheer cardstock, Santa's Scarf cardstock, Playful Pines cardstock, Frosty Friends cardstock, Holly-Days cardstock, Festive Frames cardstock, Sweet Tweets Cardstock, North Pole Cute Cuts, Jewels-Christmas Assortment, Mini Pearls-Christmas Assortment, Festive Flock Mini Doodle-Pops, Flurry Pops Mini Doodle-Pops, Snow Buddies Mini Doodle-Pops, Doodletwine-Christmas Assortment, North Pole cardstock sticker, North Pole Frames cardstock sticker, North Pole Party Banner cardstock sticker, Doodle Twine Alphabet stickers-Ladybug, Shin-Dig Crushed Velvet Alphabet stickers-Beetle Black/Ladybug/Lily White, Teensy Type Alphabet stickers-Limeade/Ladybug/Beetle Black, Jack & Jill Alphabet stickers-Beetle Black, Candy Shoppe Alphabet stickers-Beetle Black, Candy Shoppe Sugar Coated Alphabet stickers- Beetle Black/Ladybug  


  1. WOW this is stunning the colours and design is gorgeous. I love it. Caroline xxx

  2. This is the SWEETEST advent calendar EVER. I love the little drawers. Tiffany, your project is perfect in every way.

  3. Love, love, love this, Tiffany. I could just sit and look at all the fun little details all day! :)

  4. Gorgeous ! Stunning ! Amazing ! Awesome !


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