Thursday, December 6, 2012

12 Days of Christmas - Day 3 with Monique

Hi Doodlebug fans, it's Monique here with some projects to share for Doodlebug's 12 Days of Christmas!! As I couldn't decide on a project (layout, card or something else) I decided I'd make several!

Let's start with 2 layouts: 

My first layout "Jip" is my favorite, it's about my sweet Cocker Spaniel: Jippie:

The photo was taken on December 25th 2011 (my son decided Jippie should join us in the celebrations as well and so he gave her a Santa hat). To emphasize the date I used my Silhouette to cut the numbers background and the big "25". The round scalloped background was also cut with the Silhouette. The other fun details like the snowman, the sign post and the deer are all Doodlebug stickers.

Doodlebug North Pole supplies: 12x12 Patterned Paper, 6x6 Paper Pad, Cardstock Stickers (Icons and Party Banner), Doodle Twine, Cute Cuts, Mini Doodle-Pops, Doodles Cardstock Stickers (Merry Christmas).

Then my second layout "Faster", a totally different style as I wanted to try something else entirely.

When I made this page I decided to use the strip with the Doodlebug logo as well. I think it adds a funny little detail to the layout. 

Doodlebug North Pole supplies: 12x12 Patterned Paper, 6x6 Paper Pad, Cardstock Stickers (Icons), Cute Cuts, Mini Doodle-Pops, Teensy Type Alphabet Stickers.

My next project is a Christmas card: 

Don't you just love this collection? Look just how sweet this little birdie is!! 
The snowflake was cut with the Silhouette. 

Doodlebug North Pole supplies: 12x12 Patterned Paper, 6x6 Paper Pad, Cute Cuts. 

And then last but not least, a teeny tiny tutorial for a Christmas ornament. I figured if you're not ready decorating by now you wouldn't want a lengthy tutorial, but rather a quick fun one and maybe even one to do with your kids .... maybe something like this?

Well, take your 6x6 paper pad and your scissors and let's get started! 

1. Choose one sheet of 6x6 paper

2. and fold in half: 

3. Take your scissors and cut about 9 lines (while you paper is still folded), starting at the fold and stopping half an inch before the edge (the spaces between the cut lines are about half an inch as well), like this:

4. Open the folded paper and now fold it the other way: 

5. Adhere the sides with double sided tape or staple and push gently on the top so it will get a bit wider and you get a form like this:

6. To create the second, more playful, form, you fold you paper double as well, but now you adhere the two diagonal corners of your paper with i.e. a stapler: 

7. Add a piece of Doodle Twine in one of the corners and you're done!

Hope you like it!! 

Doodlebug North Pole supplies: 6x6 Paper Pad, Doodle Twine. 

These were my projects for today! Thank you for visiting Doodlebug's blog and I hope to see you back soon!!



  1. Monique, these are amazing projects!!! I love the page with your sweet Jippie!!! Your other page is wonderful with the use of white space and including the Doodlebug logo as well!

    Great cards and tutorial for decor! Well done gf!!!

  2. Great projects! I love how the papers and embellishments add fun and life to holiday projects.

  3. Such lovely projects. I've a thought on
    the lattern cuts, how about using a fringe
    siccor to cut strips in the paper? Would
    make a lot of strips.
    Carla from Utah

    1. What a great idea Carla!! I'll certainly give it a try! Thank you!!!

  4. They're all awesome! Way to go Minique!

  5. These are adorable! Love the lanterns!

  6. :) thank you ladies! I love reading your comments!! You are awesome!

  7. These are all amazing projects! LOVE the product, too! Thanks for sharing :-)

  8. Beautiful projects,love all of the details in them. Great lantern patterns. TFS

  9. I am drooling over your Jippie LO, Monique! Wonderful in every detail. My grandma taught me how to make those lanterns from a sheet of notebook paper when I was a little girl. Happy memories!

  10. Love your projects. Your page with the white spce is Amazing!!!

  11. Gorgeous!! I'm with Anabelle on this...I LOVE the page in the middle. Sooo fresh!! But then I always love your projects Monique!! ;-)

  12. really cute projects, and the LO´s are FAB!

  13. Amazing projects, Monique! And you seem to master more than one style :-)Lovely details on all your creations, TFS!

  14. gorgeous work Monique!...just love the tag in the glassine bag :)

  15. Monique, so much in one post...lots of inspiration and you you really show just how talented you are...Awesome and gorgeous!

  16. Fabulous projects Monique! You gotta know I love, love, love that white layout, it's gorgeous girl.

  17. Awesome projects! I really love the layouts!

  18. Amazing work, Monique!! I am sooooo in love with the cleaner LO, even if EVERYTHING looks fantastic! :D

  19. :) Thanks girls!! You all made my day!! <3 you!

  20. wow, wow, and WOW! Amazing projects Monique!!!


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