Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Mail by Monique + Big Idea Festival

Three years ago my mum died and then last June my stepfather also passed away. Right now I'm having a very difficult time dealing with everyting that comes with this: emptying the house and all the memories this brings. I'm so lucky I have my husband and sister right next to me to help me cope and making sure I don't have to go through this time alone. My husband is my tower of strenght and my sister, well, she's just always there. If it weren't for them I don't think I would have been able to cope. So these two cards are for them! Love them both!
Supplies "For U" card: Create-A-Card "Square Grid Assortment", Hello Spring and Sugar & Spice 6x6 Paper Pad, Mini Pearls (Baby Girl Assortment), Cardstock Stickers: Fancy Frills (Sugar & Spice), Teensy Type (Bon Bon), Shin-Dig (Bon Bon).
Supplies "Thank You" card: Create-A-Card "Square Grid Assortment", Sweet Cakes and Snips & Snails 6x6 Paper Pad, Jewels (Ladybug), Cardstock Stickers: "Simply Sweet" (Ladybug), Teensy Type (Ladybug), Fancy Frills (Ladybug).

Big Idea Festival
Join the Big Idea Festival now. Stacy Julian shares a special video message about Happy Mail Campaign and some of the darling cards she created with the Create-a-Card program. You just need to add the class (which is free) to your cart to access this part of the website. Learn more here.

Join in the fun by participating in their Create-a-Card Challenge (you have until the 18th).


  1. Monique, I know I told you before, but I really love the sunbursts on your cards. SO cute!

  2. So sorry about your losses. I do understand about having to sieve through a lifetime of accumulation in a parent's home.
    Your cards are beautiful and I know they will be appreciated.
    I am working on the challenges at BIF. My Happy Mail card is there in the gallery.


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