Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Announcing Happy Mail

What is Happy Mail?
Happy Mail is a concept Stacy Julian presented to Cynthea Sandoval last year at a trade show. Our Create-a-Card program was the perfect fit for this idea and with the help of both companies we are excited to announce it's launch. 

What is the Happy Mail Campaign?
The following statement was posted on the Big Picture blog today, "Starting Sept. 1 2012, I Stacy Julian, declare that I will make and send 365 handmade cards with handwritten notes. Now I do not want to do this alone and I know with your enthusiastic support, we can do this. Join me in a pay-it-forward Happy Mail movement where people rediscover the joy of sending and receiving handwritten communication (with a stamp)."

Why participate?
The online world is an exciting place to work and hang out—with new advances in digital media and communication exploding at every turn. Many of these digital tools have established themselves permanently in our daily lives and routine—think email and Facebook. But the sheer volume of digital communication can be utterly overwhelming, driving attention deficit, dehumanization and diminishing returns on our efforts. It’s crazy to me, that these super-convenient tools, celebrated for their ability to connect people, can actually have the opposite effect. This is why my big idea is very old-fashioned and requires only a pen and a piece of paper.

So we here at Doodlebug are excited to share our support of the program and we've challenged our own design team to pay it forward and send out a card and handwritten message to a friend. Let's start of the week of features with Melinda....

You Are So Tweet Card
by Melinda Spinks

My little card is destined to cross the equator and head all the way up to the United Kingdom. When we were asked if there was someone deserving that we'd like to send a surprise card to, I knew exactly where I wanted mine to go. My recipient is a special lady that I've never met in person, however she is incredibly sweet, passionate about her family, animals, craft and a real battler. My special recipient always puts a smile on my face no matter what she is facing in her own life and she was so thoughtful and generous when she sent our little Teddy a beautiful parcel of goodies including his very first pair of shoes. I hope this makes her smile!

Supply List: Create-A-Card Square Baroque Assortment - Swimming Pool; Crushed Velvet Cardstock - Lily White, Bon Bon; Paper Frills - Limeade; Mini Doodle-pops - Festive Flock; Simply Sweet Mini Rubons - Lily White.

about the Happy Mail Campaign 
and the Big Idea Festival (free class).

Join us again tomorrow to learn more about this fun program and how we're teaming 
up with Big Picture Classes and Stacy Julian!


  1. Happy mail! I love this campaign and am totally on board with the idea of sending snail mail. I must have some cute happy mail stamps, too.

    Melinda, your card is too, too cute. I love that cute little red bird.

  2. Spend over $164 a year for postage alone, plus the price of the card materials, to send hundreds of cards to people? You could feed a homeless child for that amount of money. You're also cluttering the landfills, because that's where they go within a matter of days.

    1. Dear Anonymous: I hope that someday when you are sick or sad or grieving or just plain having a bad day, some kind soul sends you a piece of happy mail so that you can feel the value in this project. With a mailbox full of bills and junk, sometimes that human connection makes a real difference in a person's day... or week... or life. For me, it is worth 45 cents to make someone's day a little brighter. And in our home, happy mail is saved and scrapbooked or sometimes recycled. It never reaches a landfill.

    2. Cheri, I have to agree with you. Seven years ago my husband passed away after a 15 month bout with cancer. During that time numerous people reached out to us by way of a card. People he had worked with took the time, bought a card, wrote a note to say they were thinking of us, praying for us and had not forgotten us, slapped postage on it and sent it to us. It meant the world to us, a highlight in my husband's day. They could be read anytime of day, repeatedly, and enjoyed for the 'look' too. I never threw them out, I boxed them up in a photo storage box. Now one day they may find their way into a landfill,or be recycled but probably not before at least one of my kids pores over them for a glimpse of the people who stood with us, when they were too young to understand the love that came via the US Mail. There will always be children in need of a meal, a home and more.

      And to Annonymous...my bet is that anyone so caring to reach out to so many people, some elderly, and unforgotten with the modern technologies of this era, are also caring people that are giving to other worthy charities and taking care of the needs of those without. I don't see it as an either or situation. How many lattes, or movies or dinners out does that $164.00 represent to you? Does it take you a year to rack up that expenditure on yourself? Sacrfice somewhere to meet the need, whatever it is. There is room enough to do both. How you put a price tag on a thoughtful, beautiful card to a lonely shut in is beyond me...if you'd send a card to just one person to brighten their day, you may find that the response to it would bring such joy to your own heart the "cost" to do so would fade into the background.

    3. that may be how you see it -- but let me tell you that my daughter would not agree. she recently had a birthday and while she had several posts from facebook and twitter -- the cards meant the most and are still saved for years to come. by the way we also support the charities that you identify -- so it does not have to be all or nothing......have a good day.

    4. Wow, and if your stopped sending mail what would happen to all the mailpersons? What job would they do? What about all the people that work in the paper mills, and the speciality paper stores? Quit tyring to make everyone be as negative as you are. I enjoy getting a special note or card in the mail and cherish them. Please keep your bad vibes to yourself. Thank you.

    5. Wow - some of you got really carried away! I never said to stop sending mail for a special occasion or to totally stop altogether! You're making stuff up if you believe that. Sending a card every single day just to be doing it for no reason other than just to be doing it is ridiculous, though. I spend money to buy things for Operation Shoebox instead. Our retirement community sends many boxes to our soldiers overseas every month. That brightens my day, and theirs, a lot more than just sending a card to someone who wouldn't appreciate it half as much as a soldier. I like to put it where it really does some good. My neighbors feel the same way - we agree - no cards to each other - do it for a soldier instead.

      I have never had a latte, I don't go to movies at all, and dinner out is twice a year. Thank you for those of you who assume too much.

  3. What a fun campaign. I made it a goal this year to send all the cousins, nieces and nephews cards I made for all special occasions and to send to the great-nieces a card every month. Everyone loves it as the cards are tailored to them individually. I send about 12-15 cards each month. In my family, the majority save their handmade cards and put them in their scrapbooks! Love helping out the USPO and give them work to do.

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this challenge! What a wonderful way to brighten someones day while making our own hearts happy at the same time! Also Love the happy mail stamps!

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  6. I think this is an amazing idea. Last night when I was watching Stacy's video, lots of ideas came to my mind. I was thinking on how to adapt this for a church activity. I was thinking on my FB friends that are from all over the world.
    Thank You so much for sponsoring such a great initiative and idea!!!!

  7. I came over from Melinda's blog to see her sweet card. What amazing talent!!!
    I have cards from our wedding, our children's births and so many and sad occasions in between. I send cards and love and cherish each one sent to me. And one made by someone who cares for me will NEVER be in any landfill as long as I live and breathe.
    A lovely and thoughtful challenge and one I am sure will be appreciate by so many people and let us hope that it doesn't end after 365 days! :)

  8. Now we need cute Doodlebug designed "postage stamps" to use on our cards! ;-D

  9. Love the idea! It's kind of what we do at our nonprofit....I love to make cards and use them in this way! I am a stg 3 breast cancer survivor and got cards in the mail on my very lowest days, and they helped pick me up, time for me to pay it forward! Www.giveatouchofhope.com

  10. Great idea! I think I'm the only one in my family that still sends cards, but a card (and a phone call) mean so much more to me on my birthday (or anytime for that matter) than a facebook post that takes very little effort or heart. This world is becoming more and more impersonal and I love the idea of sending cards to gain some of that back. Love your example card too. ;)

  11. Beautiful idea girls.... count me in!!!!!!!!


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