Monday, June 4, 2012

National Scrapbook Day Event with Stacy Julian

You've seen us posting pictures to our Facebook and an occasional reference to the fun time all of us at Doodlebug had on National Scrapbook Day. But for those of you that might have missed it or just want to check out some fun pictures and recap of how much fun we had, this post is for you. 
The day started with a live broadcast from our design studio to Big Picture Classes followers and Doodlebug Fans all over the world. We had thousands of people checking in during the broadcast, including scrappers from places like Egypt, England and Australia. 

Stacy featured one of her best students before our live broadcast. This darling student has been a Big Picture student since it launched and has taken enough classes to probably graduate by now!
Stacy and Cynthea have been long time friends and lovers of COLOR together. It was such a joy to create this fun event together!
Stacy couldn't do all that she does without her sidekick and BPC employee Wendy Smedley. And Cynthea took a minute to introduce Wendy Sue Anderson and explain that they were "Pee-Pals" years ago on Two Peas in a Bucket.

Remember this onsite "showroom" functioned as our STORE for the event. It did not exist two weeks prior to the National Scrapbook Day event, but thanks to some long hours and hard work of all the Doodlebug team they were able to build this beautiful store for the attendees to shop.

Great Doodlebug staff helped make shopping the Doodlebug store so much fun!!

Cynthea introduced her team, including her mother and her mom's twin sister, both longtime Doodlebug team members!
More introductions...Stacy and Cynthea introducing Mary Ann (accounting) and her sister Tonya who is one of the amazing Doodlebug designers.
 And one more introduction...Cynthea's son Joey who is the warehouse manager at Doodlebug.

Happy Mail Campaign was introduced by Stacy and Cynthea. We'll be featuring more about this soon on the blog and launching the ongoing program in July. But you never know, if you are a Big Picture class registered member you might be getting some happy mail in your mailbox one day!! 

Classes were taught during the workshop portion of our day by Cynthea, Wendy Smedley and Stacy Julian.


One of our darling students traveled to Doodlebug from Texas. Meeting Cynthea and visiting the Doodlebug offices were on her BUCKET LIST!!

The food was as colorful and yummy as everything Doodlebug!! Cynthea and her team did not miss a detail when putting together this fun day...all the way down to the sixlets candy treat that had all the great Doodlebug colors in it!

And we were lucky enough to have some of our local design team girls join us for the day as well. Wendy Sue Anderson, Tiffany Hood and Lori Allred loved being part of the fun activities!!

Whew! It was the best way to celebrate National Scrapbook Day...thanks to the amazing talents of both Stacy Julian and Cynthea they set the bar for the ultimate event! Maybe we can talk them into coming back again next year (wink)!!


  1. I am making a bucket list just to put this on it!
    I heart Doodlebug,
    Stacey in Wyoming

  2. That looks like it was SOOO much fun! I wish I could have come! Next year, next year.

  3. Love the pictures, how amazing it would have been to be there!

  4. I was envious the first time I saw these pictures and I still feel the same seeing them again. What a treat it would have been to attend! :)

  5. I *will* make it to the next Doodlebug event. There will be one, right? I hope that all the other design team members will make it, too. Such sunshiney, colorful fun!


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