Monday, June 11, 2012

Doodlebug Fabric: Fabric Purse by Kandis

by Kandis Smith

I'm a purse fanatic--although I can't afford the really nice brands, I like to have a variety of styles and colors in my wardrobe. I've made a couple purses in the past and was surprised at how easy they are to make! This purse took me 2 hours from start to finish! Can you believe that? When I saw these new classic fabrics from Doodlebug, I instantly saw this purse in my mind. It will go with any outfit in my closet! 

 I added a little Grey Doodlebug Button as my closure. 
 And I used the grey fabric for my lining. You can see the little pocket inside of the purse. 

This is the pattern I used to create my bag: 
Supplies: Beetle Black Boutique Buttons and Doodlebug Fabrics

Note: Doodlebug Fabrics are licensed through Riley Blake, who distribute them to great craft and fabric stores around the world. For more information about these great fabric, please visit the Riley Blake website
Check out the great 
Doodlebug Fabric Designs 

...warning, they're irresistible!! 


  1. Such a sweet purse! Wish I could sew....that's why my card and scrapbook stitching is by hand! :) Awesome!

  2. LOVE this purse! great job!!!

  3. geeesh ... that is SO cute! i WISH i could sew. you should sell those ... i know of one handbag collector that would add it to her stash. hee! :)


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