Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Go Green!

Hey there! If you are like me, you try to do something small for your kids on every single holiday. While we can't claim that we have any Irish in us, it sure is fun to celebrate the day, we think! Since Alyssa is older now, I have opted for doing something fun every morning for her for breakfast. That means that during the "fun" holiday times I can dress up her breakfast a lot by decorating and having fun making the ordinary breakfast day into something spectacular! Lucky for me, she is really into this kind of stuff still!

The thing is, I like easy. I am not a technical scrapper nor do I try to be. If its cute, fun, and easy then I am all over it!  Doing these breakfast parties aren't something new and innovative either, but I hope that you'll find some inspiration in them that you can also create with ease on any given holiday, big or small!

Supply List: Doodlebug Monster Mania Tricky Tweed papers, Doodlebug Sweet Pea sugar coated cardstock, Doodlebug Limeade Assortment Mini Jewels, Doodle Twine Primary Assortment, Doodlebug Limeade Paper Frills, Doodlebug Lily White Candy Shoppe cardstock stickers, Doodlebug Limeade Sugar Coated Brads, Doodlebug Limeade Assortment Boutique Buttons, Doodle Twine Beatle Black, Doodlebug Lily White Simply Sweet cardstock stickers. 

What you'll need: 
Pattern Paper
Themed accents for holiday
Letter stickers
Small jar/paint can
Any other items you desire.

The first thing I did was use this clover pattern. I picked this up at JoAnn's. They are supposed to be used for making pins but I bought them to use a pattern. I just flipped them over and traced them. You can save them for later use to trace or for the holiday too.


As I cut those all up, I decorated each of them.

Once those were decorated I just added the gold coins in my paint pail I picked up at Michael's.

I added the clover to the side and top of the pail with twine and then added the Jewels to the pail as well. I wanted to keep the pail pretty simple since I wanted Alyssa to see the gold coins. I made a game out of these coins and am telling her that she can redeem these coins to get out of doing chores {as a special treat and they can only be used 2x a month}.

Next up, I decorated the SRM Stickers Tubes with Starlight Mints {which fit perfectly in the tube if you take the wrapper off!} with the clovers, twine, and jewels.

For the finished project I also made a small card.

I added a few buttons to the card for texture and color {since green is Alyssa's favorite color!}. Here's a close up of the entire project again!

I've been doing breakfast parties as I call them for Alyssa for years! It doesn't take much time or effort to do something like this for her and it makes her day!


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