Thursday, January 12, 2023


Hello my friends!  I'm super excited today because one of my favorite crafting projects each month is my monthly calendar.  I love to have my calendar hang on the wall of my craft room, and then when the month is finished, it goes in my scrapbook at the beginning of that month's pages.  

Thanks to the brand new Day to Day calendars and stickers, I'm all set for March!  

In addition to the new 12x12 pages, a new product in the Day to Day collection are the number stickers.  There are enough in the package for a whole year of calendars, and they are printed in a cute font on vellum sticker paper!  Game changer!

I always use the mini icon stickers for my calendars because they are the perfect size for the daily squares.  You can fill up an entire calendar with colorful cuteness!

Then to make creating the calendar even more fun, I get out my Doodle Stamps and fill in birthdays, holidays, vacations, crafty time, and all the things.  See that cute washi tape?  I love the scallop along the bottom, but then I used some to show how many days I would be on vacation.  Easy-peasy and so cute!

A few other products that I used on this page are listed below.  Thanks so much for taking a peek at my calendar page!  Hopefully it inspires you to make a crafty calendar too!


Day to Day collection
Petitie Prints
Doodle Stamps -- Everyday & Holiday
Alphabet Soup Puffy Stickers
Lots of Luck Mini Icon stickers
Washi Tape
Shamrock Shape Sprinkles
Puffy Shape Hearts
Clipart Clipboard


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  2. such a cute collection - i love it!


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