Tuesday, May 24, 2022


OOOOOOOOH Ya!!!!! I'm sorry - I didn't mean to start this post by yelling at you, but I am so excited to share today's post with you. I am totally and completely obsessed with Doodlebug's new Shadow Box inserts. And by obsessed, I am talking about "hoard all your Doodle-pops" obsessed. I know you know what I mean.


Not only are these inserts filled with all the cute Doodlebug you can imagine, they are incredibly fun to put together. I may have ordered 10 and put together 7 of them the morning I opened them. The only reason I didn't do more is that my daughters stole the other 3 to do themselves. I see the perfect opportunity for a girl's crafting night with this product! Grab your foam adhesive and your favourite friends and you will be laughing and creating in no time - no crafting experience needed. Just follow the templates and voila!


I mean, come on!!! The seagulls in the Sweet Summer insert are as cute as it gets.


And while I may have had to explain what this was to my daughters, feeling old and nostalgic was made fun while crafting with this product.


And here's my little tip for you - if you become a hoarder....ummmm, I mean "collector" of these inserts like I have already clearly become, Doodlebug's 8x8 albums are a perfect place to store and admire your inserts while you wait to move them into your shadow boxes for the season. Because you know you are going to want to have one for every season - or maybe every month! :)


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Doodlebug Design Product:
Sweet Summer Shadow Box Insert
Doodlebug 8x8 album

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