Wednesday, February 23, 2022


Capturing moments is undoubtedly something wonderful since, over time, looking at them makes you immediately transport yourself to that moment and live it again.  I captured a special moment with friends on this "Valentine's Day" so I decided to document this photo with my friends in a layout to remember this moment of joy and fun.

Using doodlebug's Lots of Love collection, I made a heart in the center of the page using the 6x6 paper as smaller designs look better in the composition.  I cut squares and triangles to make the heart shape.

I added odds & ends and chit chat pieces to decorate and add some titles. I added sprinkles in the heart shapes on the upper cloud, giving shine to the rain that falls from the cloud. I love this piece!!!!

I added other sprinkles to icons on the rest of the layout. The same idea as with the rainbow.  I love that they give more expression to the little faces!

I say goodbye as always, hoping my work will give you lots of inspiration, thanks for stopping by ! Greetings!


Lots of Love Collection

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