Saturday, February 27, 2021


 I know! I know! Nutcrackers are traditionally reserved for Christmas, but when I saw all the fun cookies and baking supplies in the Made With Love collection I knew I wanted to make a Nutcracker calendar that could serve up treats all year long. 

 I tried to make him more whimsical than "Christmasy" with cotton candy hair and fun cakes for his hat. The pastel palette from the collection helped too. 

I borrowed a few treats from previous collections as well, like the cute macaroon and gingerbread man. I even tried to tone down his cheesy smile, for those of you who are afraid of Nutcrackers. lol

Since the Nutcracker and cubes I had on hand were made of wood, I made a wood base in a kitchen counter shape to go along with my project. (You could buy a simple wood perpetual calendar online or at your local craft store, if you prefer.) Each side of the counter was embellished with cute smiley faced stickers from the collection.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how I put this Nutcracker together.

  1. The Nutcrackers arms and legs were removed from the body, making it easier to apply the patterned paper.  Next I painted the face, hands, and cuffs. 
  2. Since the body is curved, when applying your paper cut slits along the edge of the paper as shown in picture 1 and 2. This will help the paper lay nicely as you're gluing it down.  I usually use mod podge to apply and seal projects like these.
  3. I created the white collar and bottom section of his shirt on my Silhouette and glued them in place. For his belt I used a strip of brown cardstock and then layered a white Doodle Cut border on top. The arms were covered with matching paper. 
  4. A wood wheel was painted and used to create a layer cake. Using my silhouette a chipboard circle and border were cut out to fit the wheel and create the look of frosting. I cut off the original crown from the Nutcracker, but kept the dome shaped piece to use for my cupcake. The tray was made from some wood ovals that I had, but thick chipboard or foam board would work just as well. I cut a chipboard border to fit the oval to and give it a slight lip.
  5. The cupcake was painted and then Doodle-cut sprinkles were added. I made a cupcake wrapper out of chipboard painted it and covered it with an accordion folded strip.
  6. After the cakes were finished they were glued (I used wood glue) onto the head. Some faux fur was hot glued on his head and chin, then trimmed. Details like the teeth and eyebrows were cut from vinyl. For his buttons and eyes I used sprinkles. To help attach the tray to the Nutcracker's hand a hole was drilled underneath then it was glued a small dowel that was attached to the Nutcracker's hand.

Thanks for joining me today and happy crafting! :)

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faux fur
wood to make base
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wood wheel
Silhouette Cutting Machine


  1. Beautiful!
    Have a great day!

  2. So stinking cute! I always look forward to your projects.

  3. OMG - U r at it again! I have a detached nutcracker from 2020 waiting to be finalized based on your previously designed Nutcrackers - just ran out of time from the holidays. May be even more difficult to find a "naked" nutcracker now to decorate fm scratch. Absolutely LOVE the cupcake hat. Your instructions make it look so simple but you have way more experience. Oh - thank you so much for your tips. I will def get the nutcracker finished this year. Love this one, esp because of the Made for Love paper used. Thank you for sharing your creativity and inspiration!!!!!

  4. May I ask where you found the unfinished Nutcracker?

  5. where can i get this?? I am a nutcracker lover and really would love this


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