Monday, January 6, 2020


"Let it snow. Let is snow" I used to not like it whenever it snow when we lived in the Midwest. Snow means shoveling your driveway, scraping your windshield before driving, warming up the car 30 minutes before leaving and the worst part is the very slippery road. I cannot believe I live there for 14 years before finally moving to Southern California.

To be honest I kinda miss the snow. I only miss how beautiful it is when it's snowing. This collection makes me think of the winter and it also reminds me of the movie "Frozen" My daughter loves Elsa and Ana. 
I want to share with you the mini notebook created. I love making micro notes but it may too small for some people. So I created a mini version. This Mini Notes is about 4.5in by 7in. I used my Mini Happy Planner as a guide. There's plenty of room to add embellishments and photos. I plan to use this notebook to document my daughter's Love for the movie "Frozen" It will be all about Elsa and Ana.
I used my iridescent acetate from my stash to layer on top of the snow cardstock paper. I love the holo effect. Then I added stickers, polar bear doodle pop and odds & ends to decorate the front page. I used my punch board to add holes to the side then I used blue and purple mini rings that I bought from Joann's. 
I used buffalo snow blanket in my Christmas tree this year, so I figure why not use it to decorate my notebook? I love the faux snow effect on the bottom of the page.
How adorable are these snowmen paper clips. Also, I spy "Sven" doodle pops which I plan to use later on.
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you like my mini notes I created.


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