Sunday, August 25, 2019


I can't believe school already started for my boys. Where did summer go? My oldest Joshua started his Junior year in high school and my second son Jaden started his 6th grade.
As you may know, I am into the Micro Notes these days. I decided to create Micro Notes for each of my children. I can think of so many ways to use these Micro Notes during school year. I can journal, document moments and add photos.
I used the 6x6 paper pad for the covers and add embellishments. I used different color rings that matches the decor of each covers. It's really easy to make and so much fun. I created each one to match my kid's characters.
My 3 year old daughter Juliet is really excited to go to school. She missed the cut out for her to start kindergarten this year so she will start T-K next school year. I created this Micro for her all in pink rings. How adorable is the girl with the pony tails.
My oldest son Joshua does not like to take pictures anymore. I guess he feels he's "too cool" for photos. I still decided created a Micro Notes for him that I plan to use for a little journal or maybe even document his many of "Firsts" such as first crush, first date, first girlfriend and many more. I may not have a lot of pictures but I can add do more of journaling.
Last but not the least, the middle child Jaden. He is the "fun" one who is very adventurous. I know that I will be able to add so many pictures of him and his friends in this Micro Notes. I can document his band concerts and school plays.
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy viewing my Micro Notes. Maybe you can create one for each of your children as well. Try it because it's really fun to create.

 Back to School 6x6 Paper pad
 Back to School Crayon Doodle Pops
 Back to School apple a day washi tape
 Apple Doodle Pops
 Beetle Black Teensy Type stickers
 Cup cake Teensy Type stickers


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