Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Sunny Summer days are almost here, yay! Here's a quick little accordion mini-album that I put together using the Sweet Summer collection.

I made the base of the mini-album using the traditional tri-fold accordion template and added a little twist by creating a few flip pages.  Here are the steps to create the base of this one-sheet mini-album.

1. Start with a 12x12 sheet of paper. Score vertically in half at the 6" mark. Rotate 90 degrees and score at the 4" and 8" marks.  Fold the bottom half up, valley fold and then mountain fold the panels. Open the sheet back up again.

2. Refer to the photo below, using scissors cut along the horizontal scored lines as shown. Use a circle punch to cut a half circle on the lower middle panel. Fold up the album again, notice how cutting the first and third panels you have created instant pages!

In my project, I cut the pages smaller in to create a layered effect. 

The middle panel is a pocket, a perfect spot to tuck in a tag to document extra photos or journaling.

Hope this inspires you to do a little mini-album crafting!


  1. So sweet, going to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

  2. gracias por el tutorial me encanto sencillito y resulton

  3. This so amazing... thank you for the inspiration. I did a live today on fb using your layout!!! Simply amazing...

  4. Such a cute project!
    What is the greenish background piece with the asanoha pattern? I love it, too!


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