Thursday, May 23, 2019


Hello there!! Today I want to share a project that is very special to me, a travelers notebook about the scrapbook event I attended last year (yeah, that event I have told you about on previous posts, I cant get enough of documenting it, haha!).

My plan was to document it on the go, but then I realized it would be impossible because I was so busy having fun, so I decided to write my thoughts and work on it later.

I used the Hello collection and the matching Hello Daily Doodle Travel Planner. The pics are everything!

This is the first batch of this TN, I have another insert filled with more happy memories I plan to share soon, so stay tuned.
Do you like to document life on travelers notebooks? I just love this format, it's fun and easy and fast to work, not to mention beautiful Daily Doodles :)

Thank you for stopping by today, have a lovely day!


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