Saturday, November 10, 2018

Christmas Town Step Cards | with Karen

Okay, can I tell you a secret? I am a last minute Christmas card sender! It's true - even though I have a number of cards that I send over to Europe, I am usually hitting the post office at the last minute! But this year, Doodlebug's new Christmas Town collection has me crafting months in advance- it's like my very own Christmas miracle. But I mean, come on...I am not one to break with tradition, but with this cute collection sitting on my crafty kitchen table, how could I help myself?! This little step card collection was made using a simple formula - Petite Prints and 12x12 patterned paper for the background and adorable Odds and Ends die cuts for embellishment! All three of these cards follow the same formula, but change up the papers, colours and characters and you have completely unique cards! Oh, and because I like to add a gift card to some of my cards, I decided to hide a little pocket on the back. I ran some Deck the Halls washi tape up the gift card so it became an added embellishment on the front, and also so that it would be easy to pull out of the little pocket.
All the different Odds and Ends die cuts fill up the steps on the cards beautifully. I almost exclusively work at the A2 size for my cards, and these were no exception. I find that the Odds and Ends are the perfect size to feature on the main section of the card, but also to create the little scenes on the side! You get all the "wow" of dimensional cards without all the bulk that will cost you a fortune to send to someone you love. And if you break open the amazing Chit Chat pack instead of hoarding it like I usually do, you will find some perfect banner pieces to run across the bottom for sentiments...
...or to use to give your characters a voice of their own! Oh, and can we talk about these Baby Heart Shaped Sprinkles?!
I mean - COME ON!!! I need to get a hundred packs of these because they are the cutest Sprinkles ever! Christmas really is my favourite time of the year, and I so excited to have had a bit of an early start this year to my crafty projects! I hope these little step cards have inspired you to to get on top of your Christmas crafting too!
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  1. These cards are just the cutest!!!!

  2. Aww! They're all SO cute!!💗💗💗

  3. Love all of these cards! Now I just need to look for a tutorial on step cards.
    Thanks for sharing!


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