Thursday, June 2, 2016

Chunky Twine Challenge: Colorful Tassel by Kimberly

Hi Doodlebug friends! My most recent crafty project was using Doodlebug's chunky twine to create a planner tassel to match my planner cover. Planner tassels are a fun way to decorate your planner and I even have one hanging from my purse. Here's how I made mine.

First, I gathered the colors of twine I wanted to use.


The next step was to begin wrapping each individual color around a piece of cardboard cut to the size of tassel I wanted. I started to cut some cardboard but then realize the packaging was exactly the right size, so I just reused. I cut a slit into the bottom of the cardboard at each end and started wrapping.


And then repeat with each color...


When I was done wrapping, I tied a piece of black twine through the top and slipped it off the cardboard. Tied another piece of black twice about an inch down from the top to hold it all together and then cut through the bottom to create individual pieces of twine.


And then used the same black twine to attach it to my planner.


It's just the right pop of color against the cover and I love it. I debated whether I wanted it a little fuller, but I think I'm in love with how it turned out. (For the record, if you'd like yours fuller, just wrap it more before removing. I did 5 wraps of each color.)

And that's my adventure into creating my own planner tassel. Hope you give it a try because it's so easy! Kim


  1. I love how the gorgeous colors of the chunky twine coordinate so well with the rainbow text on the front of your planner! Such a fun way to use this fabulous product!

  2. Super cool idea - thank you for showing us how you made it!! Love all those pretty rainbow colors together and it looks so good with your planner!!


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