Thursday, December 3, 2015

Home Run Collection: Gift Set by Wendy Sue

Do you have a little slugger in your life?  Or a kiddo who aspires to be one?  This little set of gifts featuring the "Home Run" collection would be perfect for any little baseball player!
I used three different types of cut files to create these three boxes:
A circle box - embellished with some chunky twine, doodle tape, stickers, and  sprinkles shapes:
And a cute little square box, closed up tight with doodle tape.  And the front is decorated with sticker pennants, banners, and an oversized baseball sticker!
This gift bag is one of my favorites - embellished with stickers, chunky twine, and more doodle tape!
Of course, your little champ needs a card reminding him of that:
And why not add a little more fun this festive set with a mini banner that he can put up in his room to enjoy long after his special day!
I hope you're feeling inspired to create a set of coordinating gift wraps for your little slugger!


  1. This whole set is adorable Wendy Sue!

  2. So darling Wendy! Love how the stitched washi tape looks going over the two papers! I never realized how much it would look like it's stitching them together. Love it! :)


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