Saturday, August 16, 2014

Color Challenge: Bon Bon Birthday Party by Courtney

Hello and welcome to my 2 year old's birthday party! Court from Court's Crafts here!

When asked, Emmaline said she wanted a "pink airplanes and horses" themed party. I had other ideas in mind... but when she looked up with me and so confidently requested the theme: OKAY kiddo! :)

Get ready for a lot of doodlebug bon bon love (that's the name of their brown color if you didn't know.)

First we start with an invitation. I chose to keep the front of it clean and put the details on the back. It's just a flat postcard style invitation that is A2 sized (4.25" x 5.5") so that it fits in a regular envelope. I did add a bit of dimension with the plane and the clouds and the horse. I love dimension.

When something needs a little more dressing up - doodlebug sprinkles to the rescue! 

I used the sprinkles on the eyes of the horse too! I inked up this one and added some raffia as hay at the very end. I think that horse is pretty cute in houndstooth if I do say so myself. 

Did you know that doodlebug makes "you're invited" stickers?!? If you look closely, you will see that each word is all one piece. easy peasy for mass production.

Next up... of course any good kiddo party has a banner of some sort! I decided to go with the shortened "Emma" instead of "Emmaline" as it fit my table better. You can always shorten to the monogram as well! 

Normally the holes for the banner are on the top, but I wanted a laced/horsy look so I chose to do it on the sides. 

I kept the design clean and simple adding zig-zag stitches to the two "m"s and straight to the others. I added a little crinkled ribbon and some dimension. The alphas are the loopy lou font in bon bon and were perfect for the feel I was going for. 

I cut out 8 of the horses and 8 of the airplanes not quite having a plan of what I was going to do with them. I knew I wanted to do this little pen with a horse behind it. I added some straw to the pen to hide the little stand.

I hot glue gunned airplanes to the white coffee filter balls that I made for Emmaline's 1st birthday party. My goal was that it would look like airplanes in the clouds. Waste not, want not! :) I love re-using things.

So... these polka dot doilies are new, but I had to incorporate them! These little bottles are actually yogurt bottles that I buy for Emmaline. I washed them out and thought it would be sweet for the kiddos to drink out of. I am using them to help train E how to drink out of a glass instead of out of a sippy cup. A little raffia and some fun paper straws and voila! 

Okay... maybe I got a little doily obsessed... but simply adding some teensy type letters made them lemonade stand signs!

love this font!

I knew I wanted to make cupcake toppers and these just helped to keep the theme coherent. 

The finished party product! 

I hope this inspires you to create some party decor for your next party. Don't forget how easy Doodlebug makes it! They have cupcake toppers with a bunch of their collections already in package - the straws are food grade and can be used for drinks too!

Yes, yes I did have pony rides at the party. I couldn't help myself! I get a little bit excited about kids' parties. I admit it ;)
doodlebug: kraft in color: bon bon dot/ledger (4177)
doodlebug: kraft in color: bon bon houndstooth/ woodgrain (4176)
doodlebug: kraft in color: blue jean chevron/grid (4171)
doodlebug: kraft in color: limeade arrow/dot (4167)
doodlebug: kraft in color: bubblegum stripe/ arrows (4158)
doodlebug: kraft in color: bubblegum gingham/ dot (4159)
doodlebug: primary cardstock (3586)
doodlebug: teensy type in lily white (3435)
doodlebug: loopy lou in bon bon (1756)
doodlebug: doodles: you're invited in lily white (3141)
doodlebug: paper doilies in bon bon (4461)
doodlebug: paper doilies in bon bon polka dot (4473)
doodlebug: sprinkles: bon bon assortment (4014)
doodlebug: sprinkles: birthday girl (4102)
doodlebug: sprinkles: bubblegum (4005)


  1. WOW - you are such a FUN & CREATIVE mother Courtney - Emmaline is so lucky and must have had THE MOST AWESOME BIRTHDAY EVER!!!
    LOVE everything you created, from the invites & banner to the "glasses" & prancing cupcake toppers :)
    THANK YOU for sharing your CREATIVE INSPIRATION and the FABULOUS photo of you together!!!

    1. OOPS - forgot to say that I LOVE how Bon Bon works PERFECTLY with any color!!!
      ... I'm thinking you might have a 2nd job knocking at your door because all the other mothers will be looking for your help as PARTY PLANNER EXTRAORDINAIRE :)

  2. So adorable Courtney!!! Love those horses!!! Just cute!!!!

  3. WOW everything is just wonderful-a lot of detail work-beautiful.

  4. Now I want my own kiddo just so I can create an awesome birthday party like yours!! It looks SO fabulous!!! I love more than anything that you went along with the funny, silly (and perhaps not so traditional) combo of pink airplanes and horses just for your little one!!! That is the best! You didn't stifle her imagination by making the party theme more what you had in mind. You are a great mommy and I think this is just delightful! Thanks for sharing it and your the pony pic with us! Super fun! :)

  5. So cute! As soon as I saw the horses and pink airplanes I was sure Emmaline had helped pick the theme. I love it! Cute pony ride photo too! :)

  6. We had a big wedding there complete with all star catering and a DJ, all of it was magnificent. I can't imagine how the night could have been any more perfect.

  7. So super sweet! I love the papers you chose for all your cute cuts and it looks like you had as much fun creating for the party as you did at the party! Thanks so much for sharing the fun!


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