Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shadow Boxes: Home Decor Inspiration

What a treat we have for you today! Imagine our delight when we have our design team our Doodlebug Shadow Boxes, they delighted us with what they were able to create. So we  have three adorable Home Decor projects perfect for a variety of spaces in your home.

Little Boy's Room Plaque
by Stephanie Buice

Home Decor for the Kitchen
by Sherry Cartwright

Home Decor Plaque
by Shellye McDaniel


  1. These are all so cute! I especially like the LITTLE MR. So simple but so unique. Love it!!

  2. I fall in love with the Sherry's project !!! As we say in french : MAGNIFIQUE !!!!!

    So so cute !!!

    hugs from paris
    Lunéa ^^

  3. Aah these little frames are super cute, love it all...!!!

  4. How cute are all of these!! They are so amazing - I love seeing the variety as well!!

  5. That little Fox is the most adorable thing ever!

  6. Oh my! I can see the dilemma now on which adorable shadow box to feature first. They are all AMAZING. I love them all! :)

  7. I love shadow boxes and these projects are great!!


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