Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why Do you Love Being a Mom?

We know Mother's Day was a couple of days ago, but we have some amazing Mom Spotlights we wanted to share. We asked a couple of our Design Team gals to share why they love being a mom. And we want hope to inspire you to scrapbook "why YOU love being a mom."

You & Me Layout
by Stephanie Buice 

Being a mom is by far the greatest gift God has blessed me with, the most important by far. I know it’s not always glamorous like dirty diapers and a messy house, but none of these could top the immeasurable amount of joy being a mom has brought me. I love how Mama was his first word and that only I have the super power to heal his booboos with a single kiss. I love that being a mom makes me part of the greatest miracle and the feeling that there is still good in the world when I rock him to sleep at night. I’ve had his first dance and have been his first kiss (sorry ladies), I love how I feel when he just wants to sit in my lap and cuddle. I love being a mom because my child is the best part of me, I feel so lucky that God trusted me enough to do this. I know many things will fade away as he grows, I’ll lose my superpowers and one day he’ll ask me not to kiss his cheek in front of his friends. But for now he’s my little boy and I get to be one of the biggest parts of his world. Even if I’m next to Daddy and Pocoyo I’m still there. Being a mom is great but being his mom makes me pretty awesome, and I love that. 

Tutti Fruitie Mommy's Cutie
by Jodi Wilton 

I am so very lucky to be a mom to three amazing kids! I knew I always wanted a family, and I couldn’t wait to be a mom! I love being a mom for so many reasons. It is probably the hardest job in the world, but it is the most rewarding! I love watching my kids grow (and trust me they grow too fast!); I love watching them accomplish something for the first time; I love how excited and happy they get over the little things, that as adults we seem to forget; I love teaching them, and I love how they teach me to be a better person; I love how they make me laugh; and most importantly I love the feeling of cuddling them every night – there are no words to explain the unconditional love of being a mom.


  1. so dang cute! I love being a mom for all kinds of reasons just like these ladies. Some of the littlest things can be so special! :)

  2. Such an inspirational day on the Doodlebug blog! I am loving both of these ideas, big time! :)

    Stephanie, the way you filled your negative spaced clouds with the fun patterned papers and the large title between your photos is awesome.

    Jodi, I love your darling title, the way you lined up the fruit embellishments and the pennant shape grounding your photos!

  3. Stephanie Buice amazes me every day! You are so good! I love everything you do!

  4. Jodi, I LOVE your layout and especially the title. I want to make one using it :)

  5. I LOVE your layout too Stephanie!!! Your style is amazing... and your little guy is pretty cute too!

  6. Both of these LOs are so sweet! Stephanie, your clouds are fabulous and Jodi's fruits are super fun!

  7. Love the layouts. The colors are awesome! The details on each are great. And the photos are too stinking cute!


  8. Love both projects, super cute...♥

  9. Such happy, colorful and inspirational layouts!! LOVE them both very very much!! And both the titles really rock!


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