Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cap & Gown: Layout Inspiration

We are excited to start off our Cap & Gown Collection preview party with some Layout Inspiration. We hope that you'll consider looking at this collection for both your traditional "graduate" layouts as well and non-traditional like Monique's layout.

Life is a Journey
by Monique Liedtke

Kindergarten Graduate
by Sherry Cartwright

Class of 1992
by Tya Smith


  1. Love each of these! Great collection!

  2. Fabulous layouts and really shows the versatility of this collection and the talents of the artists. Great job.

  3. I like the journey one. I love to travel...

  4. All of the layouts are absolutely beautiful! I love how each of them looks so unique even with the same collection, such a talented DT. I love the non-traditional look of Monique's layout, so inspirational!

  5. Life is a Journey layout is SO pretty!

  6. Really, Really cute I love the layout


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