Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Introducing the new Lovebirds Collection

Lovebirdss, eharts, flowers and love letters are just some of the adorable icons that are in our new Lovebirds collection. All of these sweet symbols are perfect to express our heartfelt sentiments for the dear ones in our lives. This collection includes double-sided cardstock, stickers, new alphabet stickers, mini doodle pops, heart pearls & jewels, washi tape and mini love notes. So when it comes to matters of the heart we've got you covered! Cross our hearts.

You can already find the new Lovebirds Collection at most local scrapbook stores or online. Now let's review what's new and then tomorrow on the blog we'll start sharing some amazing and inspiring ideas using this beautiful new collection.
Mini Love Notes

They say diamonds area  girl's best friend, and we couldn't agree more. 
But heart shaped diamonds are even better!

Our ever so popular mini pearl assortments now have a new 
family member - heart shaped pearls.
 We are so excited to introduce the new Doodlebug Washi Tapes (yes you can squeal now)! Washi tape is such a hit right now! It is so versatile, artsy and a lot of fun to create with. We too, have gotten wrapped up in the excitement and are thrilled to have our very own designs! Our patterns are perfect to dress up a special card, valentine's box or a sweet craft project. Mix and match them all for yards and yards of endless fun!!


  1. Omg how cute is this collection I love those little blue birds they are to cute...


  3. Oh my!! What a load of cuteness going on here, and really?! Washi tape! So excited!!

  4. I have been loving all the projects I've seen created with this line. I can't wait to buy some--It's so cute and fresh wih the aqua blue! :)

  5. I need Doodlebug to be my Valentine!!!

  6. Those little blue doodlepop birds totally stole my heart.

  7. I need this whole line - just need to find someone locally in Toronto that sells it

  8. Gorgeous images and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Heart Jewels and Pearls!!!


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