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Hey guys! Traci here and I've been having so much FUN with the new Happy Healing Collection. As soon as it arrived, I was filled with ideas and created a mini scrapbook, 12x12 layouts, and lots of great cards! Hmm ... now that I'm typing that, I'm realizing I may have had too much coffee that morning. Anyway, today I'm sharing my little Laughter is the Best Medicine Album that's filled with Happy Healing cuteness!

I designed this with one of my custom acrylic mini albums, but you could easily create this with white card stock or chipboard instead. On the cover, I added the 12x12 Happy Healing print and lots of fun embellishments like the Pill Better Shaker-pops. It's filled with colorful beads & enamel pills. So cute!

I also added fun pieces from the Odds & Ends where there are tons of different die cuts to choose. I'm quite sure that whatever ails you ...  there's an embellishment with a happy face on it for your illness, lol! 

Take a peek down the side of the album. I added colorful tabs from the Bits & Pieces to the edge of the pages and included some word stickers from the This & That sheet.

Leave it to Doodlebug to make germs look adorable! I added two of those, a tag from the Bits & Pieces, and some Doodle twine in swimming pool to the first page and the colorful Pilling Better paper to the next.

I also included a clear page with the Silver Hearts acetate. I love the shine and transparency it adds.

Check out this pocket I created with a 3x4 card from the 12x12 Cross My Heart paper. It's cute AND useful!

I added the Bits & Pieces clipboard and prescription die cuts inside. They make great journaling spots and fit perfectly in the pocket. The cute pink enamel heart is 1 of 3 you'll see throughout these pages and they're from the Pill Better Shaker-pops.

Did you notice the fine print on the broken bone x-ray? If you look closely, the doctor's name is Dr. Will Fixya and the patient's name is I.M. Hurt. Lol!

This cute journaling spot is a card from the 12x12 Spot of Kindness paper. I used it to create a fun flippie that has space inside for more photos.

I decorated this fold-out page with the pretty Happy Heart paper. I cut a scalloped circle out using a 2" punch and added the adorable cloud sticker from the This & That sheet to act as a tab. The little band-aid on its forehead is so funny!

I hope today's project and the precious Happy Healing collection inspire you to create something fun. I absolutely LOVE it!! If you're interested in seeing my latest scrapbooking kits ... hop over to my shop. Until next time, happy crafting! 😊


Happy Healing Collection


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